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There are many online video conferencing softwares that facilitate online meetings. One of the bright names among these is Zoom meeting service. This service unifies the cloud-video conferencing, cross platform chatting and simple meetings online. this is the best solution for audio, video & screen sharing across Zoom-rooms, Mac, iOS, Windows, H.323/SIP room systems and Android devices. Supporting so much for video conferencing, this software is a worth using option for enjoying smooth, streamlined and easy video conferencing. Its user interface is intuitive and simply elegant that seems similar to Google and Apple product. Navigation while desktop sharing is quite easy plus it ensures simplest recording experience.   (more…)

Rebtel voucher code

rebtel saveRebtel, a standard name among communication apps, offers competitively discounted international call charges in more than 50 countries. Rebtel Voucher Codes 2015 are a list of great deals for all users who wish for increased savings whilst keeping up long-distance telephony talk with their loved ones. Whether you are going to call from Android phone, PC, iPhone or Blackberry, install the app and get registered for it to have your voucher code for saving cash. (more…)

Ringcentral promo code

ringcentralRingcentral Promo Codes. Ringcentral.com was founded in 2003 and it is a full virtual PBX service which is made for small businesses.  The company is armed with fax and phone features which are very advanced. Each and every subscriber gets the best service. This company has made it possible for small businesses to benefit from high technology services. This is basically a communication and telephone service which is hosted. It makes use of modern technology where the internet is the central part of communications.  The process of communication becomes more and more effective. The new technology is very effective because it works well with the communication tools in your office which are already in use. (more…)

SpoofCard Coupon Code

spoofcardEveryone is conscious of saving money and SpoofCard understands its users. It offers spoofcard coupon to help you save money on making calls with spoofed numbers. Each coupon has a particular coupon code and you have to enter this coupon code at the checkout and it will let you enjoy discount. Getting the latest coupon code deals, users can enjoy $10 discount on their checkouts. If you want to view the whole list of promo codes, you need to visit SpoofCard website. Just a single click will lead you to the blocking and Caller ID coupons. Besides blocking coupons and Caller ID promo codes, users can also enjoy FREE Trial.


Pingo coupon code

pingo calling cardGet Rid of All Expensive Call Services with Pingo Coupon Code. It is time to say goodbye to all expensive call international and domestic call services because the Pingo offers a better way to call. It is an excellent pre-paid calling card service to make international and national calls without any compromise on quality and convenience. The pingo coupon code is also available to enjoy a good amount of discount on all services. There is no need to worry about fees or hidden charges because the services of Pingo are free of any additional charges. The Pingo is providing high quality pre-paid calling services since 2004 to its numerous users. These iBasis services are one of the best services throughout the world. All major phone companies like Verizon have full confidence on the services and network of Pingo. (more…)

Hidemyphone coupon code

hidemyphoneBy its brand name, you might have been able to guess what this app is all about. HideMyPhone is a company based in London, UK, working on a service which could help you get your security through phone number. By using their service, you will no longer need to worry about your security even if you have had your phone number saved by hundreds of people, which one of them may have a plan to misuse it. (more…)

Teamviewer coupon code

TeamviewerSo, here is another online collaboration platform to which a number of people can rely on whenever they wish to have an integrated online working system. TeamViewer has claimed itself to be one prominent and trustworthy cloud-based online conference system which has been realistically proven by hundreds of million users across the world. Even its app has been downloaded and installed into 1 billion devices. (more…)

Livestream coupon code

LivestreamAn easy and fully-integrated video platform, that’s how we put Livestream in a single statement. However, you may be able to find lots of more incredible features and products from them which you have experienced by yourselves while conducting various video communications for various occasions. Are you one of Livestream’s loyal customers? If yes, then you should have got yourselves benefited once you got to pay for the cost with Livestream coupon code. (more…)

BlueJeans Coupon Code

BlueJeansBlueJeans is one prominent cloud-based video conferencing service provider which offers easy, compatible and affordable plan products. But, how easy and simple is their video conferencing service? You may give it a try to draw your own review about this platform. Yet, in a nutshell, BlueJeans is one reliable video conferencing service provider. (more…)

Brothercloud Coupon Code

BrothercloudBrother Online or Brother Cloud brings you one compact service which helps you manage your business’s digital assets and connect you with your customers through reliable system. Their tagline is efficient and easy service provider that would not disappoint you because they have equipped their system with such highly secure management and system. Do you expect for more details from Brother Cloud? Read through the following section to get most of them. (more…)

Join.Me Coupon Code

Join.MeJoin.me supports collaboration, teamwork and information sharing extensively through their video conferencing and screen sharing services. One of the most outstanding upsides that Join.me tries to deliver to their customers is simplicity. There is no point about doing this and that, running through this way and that way, only to get connected with your colleagues, friends or anyone you need to gather while being in different places. (more…)

HighFive Coupon Code

highfiveIf you expect to have an efficient solution for your video conferencing issue, this HighFive might be a perfect choice to select from various providers in the market. With a bold statement reflecting the company’s capability in maximizing your 15 minutes during video conferencing, HighFive promises such an advanced and time-saving system. In short, they make it possible with their simple and easy controls but with quality service. (more…)

CloudFone coupon code

cloudfoneBased in Philippine, CloudFone offers you with plenty of smartphones, tablets and accessories to provide your communication need. Their offering those products in a quite broad scale so you have more options to select from. You can flexibly choose which smartphone which suits your need and also budget. Do not forget to hunt for some CloudFone coupon code. If you are lucky, you may save some pesos while buying their product. (more…)