Advantages of teleconferencing in business

Many people are looking for quality Conference Call Services to add to their business or company. The new changes in technology has led to a number of great changes to the industry where even what was available 5 to 10 years ago has expanded to offer far more to customers. Of course, this is a blessing but it also makes a challenge for people to be able to keep up with all of the changes. Here, we attempt to help people understand what options are currently available and what factors they should be considering when looking at different options.

Conference call services are now available in audio, video, and web based formats. In addition, the increased competition in these fields has led to more competitive pricing for customers on all three mediums. Of these, the most widely recognized option has been audio conference calls. These have been performed through a telephone line and have been a mainstay of many businesses for years. However, these services have evolved in this area to offer several unique options.


Audio Conferencing Advantages

One particular option that has become popular is free conference calls. This option is a non-reservation setup where you can make a conference call at any time without the assistance of an operator. All that is needed to use this service is to call into the dial up number and enter the access code. From here, other people can call into the conference call to join from any phone. This makes it very easy to have impromptu meetings. This is generally a toll free number which puts the charges on the business while saving the phone costs for all those who are dialing into the service. This also can be a great option for investors or clients as they are spared having to pay the phone costs of the meeting. This service can also be used at any time, 24 hours a day.

For those looking to have a more established meeting, they may prefer more premium audio conference call services options. These services allow for additional features and a set conference call time. These services can include transcription services, customer support, priority scheduling, and more. These extra services help ensure the meeting can be more effective particularly if you will need to make a copy of it for others to listen to at a later point in time.

Each of the audio conferencing options are noted for allowing excellent audio quality. However, this often comes at a higher cost. Some options like local conference calling where callers call into a local number rather than a long distance or 1-800 toll free number may make these costs more affordable.

Video Conferencing Advantages

Video Conferencing options have also improved to make the conference call services option for many businesses. In the past, it was limited to larger companies because of the high cost associated with it. Fortunately, prices have been reduced overtime as technology as has improved. Another nice improvement is the performance of these services as issues like interference and range have been reduced. Also, more people are now able to be a part of these services than in the past. The actual features themselves have not changed too much as this option still works best for smaller meetings between offices or for when corporate staff wants to give a speech to their staff and is unable to give this meeting in person. Here, this can provide a nice alternative.

The challenge with video conferencing is the access to the equipment which makes it difficult to use for anything but important meetings. In addition, it still is the most expensive option compared to the other choices. One thing that customers can do to help keep the costs low is to avoid buying conference bridge equipment if your monthly conference call costs are small. In these instances, it is far easier to rent the equipment rather than buy it as it will be much cheaper in comparison.

Web Conferencing Advantages

Web conferencing services can also offer free conference call services options. This service goes through the internet rather than the phone lines which is why it is very advantageous. Aside from this distinction, it pretty much works the same way as people call into a toll free number. Internet calling options are often cheaper than telephone options although they do not have the same level of sound quality and have greater issues with service drops where a conference call can be dropped. Fortunately, many of these issues have improved as more areas have expanded to faster and faster internet service options.

Web conference call services options can allow you the ability to also display presentations or files relatively easily for all those who are calling in from their computer. You can also easily receive messages from participants and see who has a question more easily. This provides a significant advantage over the other options where showing these type of files will add significant value.

By keeping all these different options in mind, you should have a better idea of what conference call services may work best for you and your company.

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