Insurance Review

In United Kingdom, online mobile industry is growing at faster rate than any other online retailing company. With the tough competition between online retailers, all of these companies exert their utmost effort to please their customers. One of the biggest names in online mobile retailers of United Kingdom is This company has proved its quality service over years and is leading in its retailing position day by day. It offers many services for its customers including mobile handsets and broadband. It also takes care of its customers in many ways. One of these is insurance. Customers can get into an insurance contract with the to ensure their mobile handset’s safety.

When a customer enters into a contract for mobile phone with, he is offered an insurance contract too. You have the option to choose or not to choose insurance scheme. Its all up to you but it is better to have your mobile handset insured. In the first month, insurance service is provided free of cost which is then followed by monthly advance payment of only £6.99 a month including IPT. This amount is collected from customer’s bank account directly by direct debit.

Insurance Scheme

When a user purchases a mobile handset from, provided he has agreed for insurance option, his bank details which he provided for mobile contract will be used for insurance scheme. Guarantee is given for direct debit. An email is sent to customers from Citymain Administrators confirming the setup of Direct Debit.

Things covered by this insurance scheme include:

  • Theft risks
  • Accidental damage ( including liquid damage )
  • Breakdown (mechanical breakdown)

This insurance covers mobile phone being used by the person himself, his spouse,children, partner,sisters,brothers (all over 18 years of age) and parents who live permanently with him.

affordablemobiles insuranceOne thing must be kept in mind that is insurance scheme is only for mobiles used in United Kingdom , if anyone uses these mobile phones somewhere in the world then maximum coverage period is for 90 days within a year. You can compare the insurance quotes to get the cheapest price.


Things which are not covered under this scheme are:

  • Breakdown during warranty period
  • Inappropriate use
  • Gradual deterioration or cosmetic damage
  • Loss of phone
  • Theft claims not covered by Crime-Reference-Number
  • Claim reported after 48 hours
  • Incomplete claims
  • Any claim by user under 18
  • The excess £25 on  every claim
  • Theft claims without reporting to Police and Network
  • Theft from public place
  • Any claim without reasonable precautions against damage or theft etc.

Customers can cancel their insurance contract anytime.  Keep in mind that when you don’t have mobile but you are in contract with your contract is still valid and you are liable for line rentals. The duration for a complet insurance scheme is for 5 years. These five years cover all the possible situations mentioned above thus preventing customer from spending extra money to purchase a new mobile phone.

Claim can also be faxed to on their address. When you file a claim then maximum days that it will take for processing are 2-3 working days after which, your mobile is replaced or repaired. Insurance scheme by has been approved by the customers as a reliable service. Once your mobile is insured you have minimized the chance of expenses that you would otherwise incur in case of theft or damage.

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