Number Porting Review

Due to intense competition between mobile retailers in United Kingdom, today it is not easy for mobile retailers to keep their customers with them while being satisfied with their service. One of the leading online mobile retailers in United Kingdom is With its reliable services, it is attracting customers from other networks to join it and this number is increasing day by day. One of the most common issue for users who switch from one network to another is that they don’t want to change their current number and want to keep the same number, no matter what network they join. To solve this problem, AffordableMobiles Company offers its customers a facility named number porting, hide phone numbers.

So, for customer who want to move on to AffordableMobiles Company from their networks without changing their numbers, this is a great option. By number porting, you can keep your current mobile number while you leave one network and join AffordableMobiles Company. Number porting facility is for service users whether it is contract number or a pay-as-you-go.

Number Porting Process

For customers to join with their previous number unchanged there are certain requirements which are as following:

For customers who want to be connected to this company with current number, they must release their number from existing network. It is because when you leave your previous network and join a new one, the new network will allot you the number as per their policy. Definitely this new number does not match the previous one. So, you must get your number free from your previous network so that AffordableMobiles Company may arrange it for you.

affordablemobiles number portingYou will be without service till the day your number is released from existing network.

Contact your previous network and ask them to provide you a PAC ( Porting Authorisation Code ). Once you get that PAC, transfer it to Now, all the matter is in their hands. Usually, it takes seven working days for number porting but it may vary. The company will give you the exact times. When your porting is done they will send you an email. Additional services like Text messaging and Voicemail may take about 2 days to get enabled after your number has been transferred. You will notice a disruption of mobile service on day when number porting is complete. But this disruption is only for a short time and will recover soon.

Things to Remember

Customers must keep in mind the following points:

  1. Your existing pay-as-you-go number can also be ported to  from any other network. Number porting within same network is not allowed. For example; from Orange pay-as-you-go to Orange Contract.
  2. Window  required for porting number may vary according to network. It is advised that customers should arrange their number port soon they receive their new mobile.
  3. AffordableMobiles Company does not accept responsibility for delayed or failed number transfers.
  4. For customers, porting from pay-as-you-go, their remaining credit if any will lose.

Number porting facility by has increased its customers’ number due to opportunity for them to join them for better services with their existing numbers unchanged.

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