zoom meeting features

Zoom Meeting App Review

Zoom meeting is the service like skype to contact with your contacts and have communication with that. The only difference in both of them is that, by using Zoom Meeting you could talk with the multiple users at the same time. It is like conducting a meeting where different fellows and family member sit together […]

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Zoom Meeting Price

Zoom meeting iPhone Review

Zoom meeting is the application and service provided to the different platform users to communicate with each other. The purpose of the app as its name states is to conduct the meeting among the people. The nature of meeting could be anything depending on the use of the user. Some may use this app to […]

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Join.Me Coupon Code

Join.me supports collaboration, teamwork and information sharing extensively through their video conferencing and screen sharing services. One of the most outstanding upsides that Join.me tries to deliver to their customers is simplicity. There is no point about doing this and that, running through this way and that way, only to get connected with your colleagues, […]

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what is online conferencing

With the technology evolving every day, the definition of meetings has changed as well. Now, a meeting is no longer supposed to be a face-to-face conversation among several people sitting around a table. The introduction of online conferencing has made it possible to attend your meetings even from your bedroom. Although, the scope of interaction […]

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Best Online Conferencing Softwares

With, new business shaping up every day, you are going to need having many meetings scheduled for you. Even if you are a small business owner or CEO of any organization, you will probably find a reason to have an online meeting for your business. Having so many online conferencing softwares available in the market, […]

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