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No matter which type of organization you own, if you need continuous online meetings to be held, you need an effective online web conferencing tool. This is the Anymeeting reviews that discloses all important facts related to the use of this software. This meeting software provides basic webinar-services with its impressive features like chat, moderation and slides. There is still lacking of extras that are available in case of other higher ranked webinar services. It has PayPal integration that makes it a convenient option for webinars. For simple meeting needs along with simplicity of interface, Anymeeting is a real time good option.


Basic webinar software was reviewed by our team members and it was concluded that this service provides clear and clean interface, clear sound and intuitive controls. When numbers of features are considered, it was concluded in Anymeeting reviews that this software does not have large number of features like other webinar services. It however has PayPal linking which is a distinguishing feature of this software. For charging webinars in a simple manner, this is the right software for you. Our team has reviewed many other webinar softwares. Anymeeting has downloading requirement. This requirement is just for presenters who are interested in sharing their screen with the rest of the group. If screen sharing is not required, presenters & attendees both can join webinars from computer. Attendees are allowed to join webinars from smartphones and tablets. As per Anymeeting reviews for logging in from these devices, an app is required that is similar to webinar platforms.

anymeeting priceFETAURES TO CONSIDER

Presenters are allowed to invite participants through Outlook or through use of this software. In case of use of Outlook, this will integrate with software. Respective event can also be promoted through social media. Now let`s talk about its basic requirements. As per Anymeeting review registration is required that requires acceptance of certain terms & conditions. One main condition is charging for webinar via PayPal. For those businesses who want creation of webinars for the generation of income, this software is a nice choice. Password can be programmed for the attendees for limiting attendance to registrants or invitees only. One drawback that leads to lack of security is absence of advanced standard encryption or secure socket-layer. As our time has reviewed many software, this features was found to be missing only in this software and hence needs improvement. Presenters of webinars who are extra concerned about the security with use of such softwares, may not like it very much.


Webinar features can be navigated easily and this software also has high quality VoIP.  Moderator tools are also few than other webinar softwares. As per Anymeeting review screen sharing, slides uploading options are there along with note taking tool that many webinar platforms lack.  These features are particularly important in case presenter or attendees would like taking notes. These notes may be private or public depending upon the priority of individuals. Slides marking and whiteboard tools are not available for drawing or highlighting. YouTube videos cannot be streamed with this software. However, it has chat and audio question and answer controls as per Anymeeting review.

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