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Best AT&T CL4940 Review

AT&T CL4940 is a corded telephone with a big tilt display, extra large buttons with digital answering system.  The phone makes it easy to review, to receive and to dial the calls faster and easier than before. The phone has extra loud ring with visual indications that features the incoming calls and it helps to ensure that you do not miss any call. When a call is hard to hear, it can be boosted by an Audio Assist Feature which increases the frequency and the volume temporary so that the speech can be understood much easier.  The base speakerphones make it easy to communicate.

Features of AT&T CL4940

The telephone can keep 25 names in its phonebook directory with 10 numbers for speed dialing and this allows placing the calls easily by the use of only some few buttons. You can be organized with the date and time stamp on the phone’s digital answering system.  It can announce at what time and the date when the message was left before playing it.  The recording has ability to record up to 25 minutes and this helps to leave the phone on without having to worry that it may get cut off.

The AT&T CL4940 is like any other phone when it comes to caller ID and answering machine ability. But according to the AT&T CL4940 Reviews, what makes this phone unique is its tiltable, backlit and large display. There are few landline phones which have the display which is that nice.  Other things about the phone are only typical but there are other features to help the people who are growing older.


What people like most on the AT&T CL4940

Positive AT&T CL4940 Reviews were given mostly about the intuitive functions of the phone which are set up easily. The audio assist is used to boost the volume for received calls, a four setting equalizer functions to tweak the sounds with large keypad to use for the easy dialing.

When you use the AT&T CL4940, you will be happy with the sound quality through the speakers and the handset. This can be adjustable with 4 setting equalizer. The default option is natural setting but there are two treble boost settings with one bass boost setting which is available.  The volume through the speakers and the handset can be adjusted to reach to high volume. The answering machine is easy to operate.

Additional features of AT&T CL4940

Taking into account that other answering machines can record only 15 minutes of audio message, being able to record over 25 is something that each one of the AT&T CL4940 Reviews talked about.  The phone has good human interface because of its clearly labeled control buttons, backlit, and readable display with big buttons.  You only need to look on the manual to see how the control and the menu system work but afterwards everything is simple.

The AT&T CL4940 can be set on wall since it is a convertible phone and as you read the AT&T CL4940 Reviews, you will find out that the phone comes with the bracket which can be attached easily on a phone. If you find that there is something missing in the manual you got, you can download an updated manual from the website of the company.

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