AT&T EL51203 reviews

Best AT&T EL51203 reviews

AT&T EL51203 is an expandable phone and at least 5 new handsets can be connected to it. The speakerphone is clear when it is used for the calls and it helps both people to be heard and to speak at the same time.

Basic features of AT&T EL51203

The cordless handset has an LCD display which is large and easy to read. The black texts are found on the white background and it provides the contrast that makes the screen clearer.  The keypad has large buttons with large font that has backlit keys that makes it easy to use. This is the features that can be helpful for the people who have some problems with their vision.

The call waiting and caller ID can keep up to 50 names, while the caller ID history displays time, number, and name for incoming calls.  The AT&T EL51203 Reviews also talk about the eco-mode power conserving technology which improves the battery performance. It features quiet mode DECT 6.0 digital technology, 50 names in the phonebook with 9 numbers for speed dial. The voicemail waiting uses indicator 2 with quick access to the digital voicemail box.  The phone keeps the last 10 numbers that have been dialed and the setup menu is available in French, Spanish and English. The phone can be wall mounted and it has mute buttons.

What people like most on the AT&T EL51203

People, who gave their views through AT&T EL51203 Reviews, agree that the phone has a great sound with no interference or static.  The speakerphone is not muffled and its voice is clear. The battery can last for some days when the phone is used in moderation.  The ringer tones are loud and nice and it is not hard to choose the one that you like most. The keys are illuminated and they make it easy to lead in regular lighting or in dim lighting. If you have subscribed for a voicemail, you will get access to auto dialing with message waiting indicator. The phone is stylish and it has everything that you would wish to have on your office phone.


Convenience features of AT&T EL51203

From the AT&T EL51203 Reviews, the phone is expandable and it has a cordless phone system. It comes with base unit of 2 handsets with charging cradle.  The phone can be expanded to reach to 5 handsets but this is optional. A full-duplex handset speakerphone helps you to enjoy the hands-free communication. Intercom function, conference ability with dial-back functions lets the user to enjoy the versatile use of the phone. The volume control helps in adjusting the sound level so that they can suit all your preference.

The wall mountable design helps the user to put the phone where he wants. With the energy efficient star, the phone is the best when it comes to energy efficiency. The call ID and call waiting needs additional services through the local phones company. Taking into account how affordable the phone is, its features exceed the expectation of many people.  People who liked most this phone are these who have problems with their vision since a large display makes it easy to read the numbers and the message. Most of the features and the phone big buttons are easy to use and it has a good range with high quality voice.

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