AT&T ML17929 reviews

Best AT&T ML17929 reviews

AT&T ML17929 is a telephone that works on 2 lines for the outgoing and incoming calls and the separate lines use only one unit.

The basic features of AT&T ML17929

AT&T ML17929 offers the possibility of managing personal and professional business at the same time.  A three party conferencing system helps you to have 3 ways conversation between two people who are on the two lines and yourself.  The two links may be outside or inside lines or they can be a combination of the two.  The two lines may have two different ringer tones so whenever there is a call; you are going to know which line is being called. A line status indication is the reminder to show the line which is has been called.


The phone directory is able to save up to 100 names with its numbers and a speed dial can be used for 18 numbers. This feature lets you call the number you like to use faster.  You can multitask while on the call with the base speakerphone which can help you to make hands free communication. For mobility when talking, a telephone is compatible with a 2.5 mm jack.

How to use two lines in AT&T ML17929

To get more information about the phone, you should start by reading the AT&T ML17929 Reviews. The line phones have 2 lines but you can use one line whenever you want to. You can use two different separate wires or only one wire for the 2 lines. With the two lines, the sound is ok but if you are able to hear any noise within the 2 lines, it will be because of the wiring.

You may set one line to be the primary phone that you should pick up whenever you make the calls. Every line has its own adjustable ringer and it can be even put off. The big button makes it easy to use the phone and every feature in the phone is programmed easily.  The speakerphone has a clear sound for the people who are on each side.  The display gets dim and get light up if the call had come in. The price is also good.

What people like most from an AT&T ML17929

Positive AT&T ML17929 Reviews are from the people who are looking to have a phone that has a good speakerphone and which can use two lines.  The phone has a powerful speaker and it is clear like some of the conference stations.  Many people do not expect to have such clear speaker taking into account the price of the phone. From the manual, the speaker can be used like a single line basic phone when there is no AC power.

From AT&T ML17929 Reviews, the phone does not have an answering machine but you can register for the voicemail with the line service provider. It has a visual feature that shows that you have got new voicemail. But the phone itself does not have any answering feature and it does not record the messages. The phone does not have the battery and it should be plugged in the outlet of 110V.  While using one phone, you can put the call on hold while answering on another line but the phone should have two lines to do this.

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