AT&T TL86109 reviews

Best AT&T TL86109 reviews

AT&T TL86109 is a two line telephone that uses a DECT 6.0 technology. One of the cordless handset has Bluetooth ability which means that you are able to receive and to make the cell phone calls using your handset. The handset can keep up more than 6,000 entries that are downloaded from the cell phone or to the landline calls.

AT&T TL86109 connects to the cell phones through Bluetooth

The phone can be paired up together with four Bluetooth cell phones to the base and the corded handset that can connect simultaneously with two Bluetooth cell phones in order to manage these calls.  The phone also offers the caller ID and the call waiting for 50 names with their numbers in the call history.  Other ability of the phone is digital answering machine of 14 minutes, dial-in base speakerphone, equalizer for the customized audio, handset speakerphones and the call transfers through the intercom. The phone is capable of intercepting and screening the calls, to retrieve the message and to be accessed remotely.  The phone may expand to reach to 12 handsets using a single phone jack.  The setup menu can be set to French, Spanish and English.


It is easy to use AT&T TL86109

Many people choose to give their AT&T TL86109 Reviews because they are happy with the telephone system.  The phone meets many requirements of the users like good quality on both ends, easy to be programmed, speakerphones, cordless add-ons and corded.  Many people are happy since the cordless and corded system performs well. There is long lasting charge for the cordless handsets.

There are many options on how to configure the phone. The phone is easy to program and there is no need of memorizing the menu codes when you have your manual handy. The corded base unit is intuitive and easy to be used. The phone may add additional cordless handsets as required.

Convenience features of AT&T TL86109

When you read the AT&T TL86109 Reviews, you will find that the phone has a speed dial which means that the numbers that are used frequently can be saved and used by only pushing the button and there is no need to go to the directory everyday to make a call.  The phone can be paired up with the cell phone using the Bluetooth.  For the people who used this feature, it turned up to be handy. There is no need to move around the home with the handset and mobile phone, you can only move with a handset and if the cell phone is called you can answer using your headset.  When you program a directory of one telephone, it will synchronize with other handsets.

However, other features of the phone should be programmed on each handset separately. You may screen who is calling when a person is leaving the message on an answering machine. The answering machine can be set so that you can see only a blinking light when there is a message or you may hear a sound notification.  You can also get to know more about the hold button on the handsets or on the speakerphone through reading available AT&T TL86109 Reviews.

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