AVer VC520 reviews

Best AVer VC520 reviews

 AVer VC520 is a plug and play video collaboration system that it is used from the mid to the large conference room. The camera system breaks the need of complicated, expensive and traditional video conferencing system which needs a network administrator to start to work.

Features of AVer VC520

The camera system is professional, affordable, USB all-in-one audio and video conference system that has been optimized so that it can deliver the exceptional audio and video communication experience. It is compatible with all the available applications and it can connect virtually with your laptop and desktop through a single USB cable.  There is no need to have to modify the complicated network firewalls in order to make the video calls.  With the AVer VC520, running a video conference is simple like plugging the camera in the USB cable.

Look for the AVer VC520 Reviews to know more about the features of this camera system.  The camera feature USB plug-n-play all in one with professional video and audio conference camera system. The camera uses full 1080p high definition video with 30 frames each second. The camera has 10 camera preset for just one touch customization. The VC520 has the camera mount that can be used to mount on the table, ceiling and wall.


Technical features of AVer VC520

The technical features of AVer VC520 are 12x true optical zoom works together with 82 degree wide angle camera that delivers smooth and rapid pan, zoom-in performance with tilt to capture smallest details with the absolute clarity for each focal length. The camera supports true full duplex audio that have superior echo cancellation with the noise suppression technology.

It includes an omnidirectional speakerphones which cover over 30” diameter with the ability of daisy-chain, which is the additional speakerphones that makes the camera to be the ideal choice for mid and large conference rooms.  The USB uses the plug and play compatibility needed for easy connection with a Mac or a PC.  All the set up of the cables are included within the box. The camera system is under 3 years warranty.

What people say about AVer VC520

People, who are happy with AVer VC520, give positive AVer VC520 Reviews. They say that the camera performance is incredible and it performs well in a large boardroom. A setup is easy and there is a simple control interface found on a remote and it makes everything totally intuitive.  The product is a game changer since the camera is both affordable with great features.  All the feature of the camera is impressive but there are some that are unique to this camera.

The first is that you can easily plug in the cell phone and in the mic array and you can use it like the speakerphone for the audio conference that eliminates the expensive speaker phone for a conference room.  The speaker has a loud speaker and it uses 10 watt amp.  The components use the plug-in by the use of a hub which delivers the phantom power on the camera or on a mic array.  Just one USB connection is required to be used for the computer.  With all the features of AVer VC520, all AVer VC520 Reviews agree that the product has not competition until now.

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