Best Online Conferencing Softwares

With, new business shaping up every day, you are going to need having many meetings scheduled for you. Even if you are a small business owner or CEO of any organization, you will probably find a reason to have an online meeting for your business. Having so many online conferencing softwares available in the market, it is not an easy job to choose the best one for you. The reason being; once you choose it, you are supposed to use it until the expiration of the contract.

In that case, the best way of testing all these software is trying their trial version first. This will not only give you a rough idea of how the program works but also saves you from many hassles. Therefore, it is a very essential to evaluate your needs before giving a thought about using any particular online conferencing software. A majority of the softwares come with a password protected profile which allows you to protect your personal data and record your meetings so that you can play them at a later stage, as well.

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To save you from many difficulties, here we would suggest some excellent online conferencing software, which you can consider having for yourself.

  1. Adobe Connect – We would just say this right away. Adobe Connect is the best software for online conferencing available in the market. It is priced quite reasonably at $55 per month. You can also get it for and $45 per month, if you sign up for a year. It lets you connect a total of 100 people through a network and help you have an ultimate face-to-face like experience. Due to its ease of use, pricing and well-embedded features, Adobe Connects is clearly the best and the most popular Online Conferencing Software.
  2. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center – It I slightly cheaper than Adobe Connect and priced at $49 per month. It is the oldest and the most popular web conferencing software available in the market. It won’t make you download several useless browser plugins and add-ons.
  3. Skype – Being a free service, Skype is the most sought after web conferencing tool available in the market. It is extremely easy to use and is compatible with many platforms. All you need is a Skype Account and you can talk to any person on this planet.
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