Bitty Browser


Use the bitty Browser instead of inline Frames.

What's Bitty Browser?

Bitty is the little browser that goes on any Web page, it's like Picture-in-Picture for the Web.

Philosophically, Bitty stands on two simple observations:

1. Browsing from page to page, clicking Forward and Back (ie, typical Web navigation) is super-useful.

2. Web sites are increasingly composed of discrete blocks of content: an ad, a calendar, a list of links, and so on.

Bitty Browser's patent-pending methodology joins these two ideas, enabling navigable blocks of content within Web pages and other documents. It's the ultimate tool to mix and mash your favorite Web stuff.

Who's it for?

Content providers  Reach a wider audience by making your content available out through windows on other Web sites. And reach your audience more directly, by making it easy to subscribe via personal home pages like Google, Windows, and Netvibes. You can also offer your advertisers more-effective ad units that won't drive visitors away from your site.

Application & Web 2.0 providers  Attract new users by making your service directly available within other Web sites. And keep them loyal by making it easy to use your service from wherever they want to use it. (ie, Bitty is a great way to syndicate interactivity and "badge" your web-app.)

Web site developers & bloggers  Share useful content and services with your visitors, without driving them away from your site. Or, network your own content out through windows on other developers and bloggers' sites.

Advertisers  Think about it this way: when you are browsing around the Web, do you click ads? Most likely, the answer is no. Why? Because something annoying always happens. Bitty lets end-users to "dip their toes" into sponsored content, and that means more interaction. What's more, you can provide a virtually unlimited depth of content (including transactional forms) all within the limited screen space of a conventional Web ad.

Everybody else  Add your favorite Web content to your personal home page, on sites like Google, Windows, Netvibes, etc.