BroadVoice Business Reviews

BroadVoice is a company which runs in a telephone service provider through a broadband internet connection. With its reliable service which providing the service of making both voice and video call, it is essential to give BroadVoice business review about its performance towards the customers.

What BroadVoice has Offered?

In using BroadVoice service, the customers are given some ways of making call whether to use mobile phone or telephone. The mobile phone call will be connected to a digital SIP-enables wired or WiFi phone. The second option is using adaptor for analogue telephone. These two options give a nice choice for the customers. Even, if the customers have already had their own equipment, they are allowed to use their own and get a discount for the rate plans.

Talking about BroadVoice business review, it offers two packages which is basic and advance. The basis plan covers call waiting, voice mail to email, call transfer, call notify, call forwarding busy, call hold, call forward for no answer, do not disturb, late number dial, voice mail aliases, call forwarding always, speed dial 8 & speed dial 100, three-way calling, directory assistance (411), anonymous call rejection, *69 call return, caller ID screening, and international numbers.

broadvoice 2The advance package has additional features which are priority alert, soft phone support, conference calling, outlook integration, BroadVoice call manager, simultaneous ring, calling ID blocking, call forwarding selective, and a mobile app known as AidDroid. The application is a great way to make a call because it helps you to call even without internet connection since it works like the extension of the VoIP service. The users can adjust the setting to set the internet connection quality by changing the number of bandwidth and VoIP services.

What about Coverage and Pricing?

BroadVoice business get a good review since it covers some international countries with various choices of unique flat-rate plans. The countries in which the plans applied will determine the price of plans. This huge business has expanded the service in 75 countries and 26 mobile areas. Other than these areas, you can call to 87 countries and 47 mobile areas if you are subscribed into the advance plans. From time to time, BroadVoice also gives promo code to give a discount rate.

The promo code is entered when the customers are about to make a call through the mobile app. If the customers are signing for a two-year contract with BroadVoice, they will give $5 discount on the monthly service. In addition, there are some bonuses that are given such as having 60 minutes international call each months and free second line phone.


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