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broadvoice logoThe broadvoice offers the best services in the market with flexible plans and facilities to make free calls to Canada and Puerto Rico. You can use its services on mobile sets and softphone. The broadvoice offers cheap services for less than $20 per month with some facilities to make unlimited calls to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The broadvoice promo code is offered to avail discounts. No other company in the market offers the similar deals and facilities to customers. It offers different bonuses as well, such as a free second phone line and 60 minutes to make international calls each month. You can also save money because a two-year contract will give a $5 discount on your monthly service.

The plans are available for 75 countries and 26 mobile areas. There are some premium plans that offer you the facility to call in 87 countries and make 47 calls on the mobile network. You can avail these services through broadvoice promo code and there are lots of benefits of these services, such as:

Online Management of Account

The BroadVoice offers you the facility for the online management of your account. Just log in to your BroadVoice account and pay your bill, make important adjustments, view call history and much more. You can make calls by hitting the name of the person in the contact list. It offers an amazing facility called Click2Call and it will help you to automatically connect to your BroadVoice number. You can make a cheap call even from another country to your home. The Voicemail-to-Email and Anonymous Call Rejection services are available. You can activate them with just one click. The customers can get the benefits of broadvoice promo code.

Use Your VoIP Services from Home

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The customers of BroadVoice services can use mobile apps to make and receive calls. This facility is provided to the customer because the Phone Power and the BroadVoice work as sister companies and offer almost similar services. These apps can help you to make your call even without 3G and Wi-Fi network. This will help you to connect your call with your own BroadVoice dialling number. The call can be forward according to the rules, and you can also get the benefits of new features, including block lists and speed dials. The mobile apps act just like an extension of the VoIP service, but these can’t be used without a cell phone. Their apps are absolutely free and have compatibility with Apple and Android devices.  Just download the apps and sign into your account.

Excellent Choice for the Slower Internet Owners

BroadVoice is excellent for providing a good bandwidth and high-quality internet connections. It works by changing a number of bandwidth and VoIP services available for each and every cell phone. You can make calls, adjust settings and find the required number by creating an account. On every call, you will notice an improvement in the network. Use broadvoice promo code so that you can save a good amount of money.

Get Instant Help from the Representatives

If your BroadVoice system is not running well, talk to one representative of the company through email or phone call.  The customer service provider offers 24/7 services and answer your all questions in a detailed way. Just visit their website, and know about several available plans. Read all plans carefully before taking a final decision. The broadvoice promo code  is available so that you can avail some discount. The Broad Voice has the best packages and you can select a suitable plan for your business success.

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