Credit Check Review, the best online mobile retailer in United Kingdom offers a wide variety of handsets for its customers. But before entering a contract with the company, there are certain requirements which are to be fulfilled by the person as per company’s policy. These requirements are not hard one but are necessary to ensure their customer’s validity. One of these is Credit Checks. – mobile handsets and internet provider – takes different credit checks to have a look at the customer’s financial history before offering a contract.

This credit check is carried on every time a customer signs up for a pay-monthly handset or broadband contract. This credit check is for protecting customers from possible identified fraud and to stop him from paying bills that he is unable to pay. This buy mobile phones website and its linked mobile networks use a credit reference agency to obtain your identity, address and credit history. This information is then assessed against their credit check criteria. If it meets the minimum threshold set by them and they are satisfied with you then your order will be accepted.

Credit Checks Procedure

Before a credit check, permission is always asked from the customer. If a person applies for a mobile contract, his information is put into the computer system where a setup is made. This set up carries your information to a Credit-Reference Agency. This agency will assess the information provided by you against their set criteria. After they have made an analysis, their decision is sent electronically.

buymobilephones dealsIn case the credit check shows negative results, customer’s application will be declined. But there are cases when there is no response for some time neither decline nor acceptance, if this happens then consider it as a yes, your application is accepted.

If your application is declined then still they won’t let you get down. They will offer you other packages like SIM only deals etc. After regular payments, when users build their trust they can then again apply for the mobile handset and probably they get a mobile phone contract. So, in any case, you can get into a contract with them either for a mobile phone or for a SIM only plan.

Credit Check Issues

For verification of details that you have provided to, small amount is taken from your credit/debit card. This amount is automatically taken and is immediately refunded. But due to banking system’s working, it may take about five working days but will be definitely shown in your account again. Higher amount is taken from Visa Electron and Solo cards than others because their history has high fraud rates.

Customers whose credit score is not up to level are required to deposit up to £150 per mobile handset, a refundable amount as a security and then they are allowed for a mobile contract.

If you receive an email requiring you to deposit some amount, you must contact their services department. This department arranges payments to the respective network for the customer.  With exception to O2, all the payments received are refunded by network you choose not by the

In case your order is suspended or for any issue regarding Credit check, you can call at 0844 880 8100 and know the reason by telling your order number.

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