BuyMobilePhones.Net Customer Support Review

In United Kingdom, the online retailer which is capturing the major market share for mobile phone users is Not only its deals are reliable but also if customers are facing any issues, its customer support service is actively engaged in solving users’ problems regarding their service usage. Although they have a reliable repute regarding handsets provided and other services but it could happen that some users find it difficult to cope with their problem.

Normally customers ask for following problems:

  • Their handset has gone out of work.
  • Their handset is faulty.
  • They have not received their free gifts
  • They are facing a problem regarding their free gifts.

There are following certain basic guidelines for such customers:

Return the Faulty Handset

First of all, call at the networks’ contact number (Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, etc.) and ask to give you a false code. If you are asked to return your handset, return it with its accessories and box in a pristine condition within 28-days of its sale. Include with it a cover note or letter with the fault code. Explain your problem. You must return all the things otherwise the missing item will not be replaced with your handset. Keep SIM card with you. Once your handset is replaced, you will be sent a replaced handset alongwith a new SIM with the same number as previous SIM has.

buymobilephones help28 days is the limit imposed for you to return your faulty handset but if your handset gets out of work after 28 days then contact technical team or complete ‘MyOrder’ on contact form. Write your order number and briefly explain problem. As your product contains a warranty by the manufacturer, you can also contact him directly. Contact details of manufacturers are given on the website.

To get your postage refund, send your faulty item through special delivery within 28 days of sale. Also send your postage invoice as a proof.

Free Gifts Issues

For problems with their products, you can contact their Technical Support Centre. Or send them an email. They will arrange a repair or replacement for you. Don’t forget to mention your order number as this is your identity. Also give a brief explanation of problem.

If you find faults in your free gifts, send them back through special delivery within 28 days of confirmation email of dispatch at their address. Users must include cover letter to explain faults in the free gift along with an invoice as a proof of their purchase. For special delivery, the service recommended by is Royal Mail. After receiving free gift back, they will assess fault stated by you and if it is true they will replace the item.

In case your free gift becomes faulty after 28 days, you will follow the same criteria as mentioned above for the faulty handsets.

The issues mentioned above are more likely to happen but there could also be other issues. Users are advised to let know their issues. Their service support has been proved to be reliable and it is helping its customers for all issues.

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