Free Gifts Review is the leading online retailer of mobile phones in United Kingdom’s mobile networking industry. With other amazing offers, one of the most fascinated offers by it is that of free gifts. These free gifts are offered when you join for mobile contract or you upgrade your current contract or during your current contract while you are enjoying their remarkable services. When you enter a contract with for a mobile phone, you have an impressive range of networks and handsets to choose from.  Although there are many other online retailers of mobile phones today in United Kingdom but when compared, is found to be the best.

Free Gifts Options

Free gifts are offered with your mobile contract being signed up between you and the company. When you choose and order a mobile, you are given an option to choose between a wide range of free gifts. You can choose any gift from the range.

A free gift offered includes:

  • Tablet PCs: Samsung, Nexus, BlackBerry, Motorola
  • TVs: Samsung and LG
  • Laptops: Acer, Toshiba, HP
  • Games Consoles: Sony, Xbox, Nintendo
  • iPods: iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle ,iPod Classic
  • Headphones
  • Hair Straighteners
  • Digital Cameras: Sony, Panasonic

buymobilephones free giftsWith each free gift, name of the company is given which is its manufacturer.  You can see that these gifts are from top ranking companies like Samsung Sony etc. Not only their free gifts but also their mobile handsets are by top manufacturers.

Free gifts Policy

As per free gifts policy, there are certain terms and conditions:

a) Electrical Free-Gifts will be sent automatically after customers have passed credit checks.

b) Free gifts will be delivered after mobile phone is dispatched

c) Free gifts delivery is subject to its availability.

d) Gift images given on the website are for the illustration purposes and actually may vary in color.

e) Cash other than free gifts will be paid through BACS in your bank account. About 30 days after your free gifts has been delivered.

If free gift that you choose from the range offered to you is not available due to any reason, company will remain responsible for your gift to make available your gift or offer you an equivalent and alternative package or product. If none of this could be done then customer can get market value for the product.

When you contract with and a free gift is offered to you the gift you choose will be automatically delivered to you without any vouchers and claims. Also for cash back additional to free gift no vouchers or claim is required to be made by the customer.

Customers will get their gifts within not more than 10 days. But for some high demand items, 28 days may be taken for delivery. An email about dispatch is sent to customer when gift is delivered. In most cases, free gifts are delivered the next days of your handset being dispatched. has proved itself as a credible network through its true dealings and services.

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