Insurance Review is an online retailer of mobile phones in United Kingdom. It is gradually grabbing the whole online market of mobile phones with its customers more than 1,000,000.   Along with other services they offer is insurance of your cell phone which is designed for protection of customers’ cell phone for about 5 years. This insurance is available for customers who want to opt it for their cell phones protection. In the first month of insurance, contract services are provided free of cost.

Insurance Coverage Areas

Insurance contract under takes the following areas:

  • Theft risks
  • Accidental damage (water damage )
  • Breakdown etc.

This insurance service is only offered for residents of United Kingdom. It does not cover other countries of the world. But if a person being United Kingdom’s resident is in abroad, his mobile will be covered by the insurance policy for 90 days within 12 months period.

The insurance is made for the customers who purchase mobile or his parents, children (over 18), sisters and brothers living permanently with him. Phone insurance will not be terminated automatically if a claim is being made.

buymobilephones insuranceThings not covered by this insurance policy of are:

  • Inappropriate use
  • Breakdown during warranty period, due to abuse, gradual deterioration, etc.
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Loss of phone
  • Costs not mentioned in policy document
  • Claims not  made within 48 hours of lose/theft
  • Incident occurred abroad
  • Claim made by under 18 user

Insurance Claim Eligibility Criteria

An excess of about £25 is on every claim by under their insurance policy. Maximum liability with any insurance claim cannot be more than replacement value for the mobile phone. In case, your phone is stolen you cannot get your claim unless you have reported within 24-hours to local police and your mobile network. In case of theft from unattended vehicle, the vehicle and phone must be locked and hidden. Customers must prove that they have not left their phones unattended in public places.  If any evidence shows that lose or damage to mobile was due to users’ own negligence then their claims are refused. Users must take precautions for protection of their phones against damage and theft.

After first month of free insurance, afterwards premiums are to be paid every month in advance as £6.99-per month including IPT. This is monthly collection based and could last for maximum of 5 years. Users can cancel their Direct Debit any time.

Cancellation of Insurance Contracts

Users have right to cancel their insurance contract with by giving a written notice for cancellation of contract within 14-days of receipt of insurance confirmation cover.

In other case, you may cancel the insurance contract any time by a cancellation notice given in written form or through telephone. On receipt of cancellation, cover will be immediately terminated.

This insurance service has proved to be useful for users. When asked about how their experience is with insurance of, their reviews were as a great service, first class service, brilliant, excellent and fantastic service. There are also users who were giving opposite views but they were not sure whether they have followed the insurance claim guidelines or not. Over all, this company has got a good insurance policy review ratings with its fantastic service.

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