Carphone Warehouse Complaints

Growing trend of using stylish and sophisticated mobile phone handsets is turning more and more customers towards buying mobile phones from carphone warehouse. Although carphone warehouse provides quality mobile phone brands even then sometimes customers have to face technical problems with their mobile phone devices. This is where carphone warehouse complaints policy works to satisfy customers. 

Carphone warehouse complaints policy allows customers to enroll their complaints in mobile phone store via phone call, letter or email. Technically trained and qualified mobile phone experts at carphone warehouse try their best to help you solve your problems in a simple way.

Our experts work on your mobile phone problem and if they feel that it will take more than usual time, they tell you straightforwardly. They provide you with the reference number. They also contact you when they successfully sort out your mobile phone problem. If you don’t receive any update in response to your complaint within initial 5 days, customer care center is responsible for contacting you to explain the reason of likely delays, carphone warehouse coupons.

How to Make Carphone Warehouse Complaints?

Going to carphone warehouse website, you will see three options:

  1. Geek Squad Insurance
  2. Lifeline Insurance
  3. All Other Complaints


In case of any dissatisfaction with carphone warehouse customer service, carphone warehouse complaints section is open to know about your concerns. If you have any problem with Geek Squad mobile insurance policy, here are four simple ways to enroll your complaints:

  • Go to the website of Geek Squad
  • Click on ‘contact us’
  • Fill in required details in the form
  • Write a letter and place your personal information (name, address and policy number) and send you letter to Geek Squad, PO BOX 358, Southampton, SO30 2PJ.

Carphone warehouse customers can also make complaints by calling on 0800 049 1067. But remember that company will monitor and record your telephone calls. Another fact, customers must keep in mind that company’s range of services, offers and products frequently change and you might have to face inconvenience if you don’t meet terms and conditions for being eligible for making complaints. A professionally dedicated team does its best to sort out your problem within likely short time.

Whether your complaints are related to insurance policy, lifeline insurance or general category of mobile phone problems, you will follow the same way of making carphone warehouse complaints to get your issue resolved as soon as possible. If you want to buy mobiles from USA, you should try a Verizon Wireless promo code to get a cheap price.

Just contact carphone warehouse and fill out an online form. Write a letter or give us a call and you will be happy with the perfect performance of your mobile phone handset. In case of making general complaint, address and contact number will be different. By visiting carphone warehouse website, you can get details about how to register your mobile handset related complaints. When you enroll your complaints, you must make sure that you have provided details of your mobile phone problem. Once your mobile phone problem is realized, it takes very little time to get it resolved. So, be careful while making carphone warehouse complaints.

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