Carphone Warehouse Mobile Insurance

If you have bought your mobile phone handset from carphone warehouse with carphone warehouse mobile insurance, you will enjoy exclusive benefits as a CPW customer. It’s true that mobile phone industry UK along with up to 800 mobile stores within the UK is a powerful sector. But even then it has been adopting unique coverage plans to improve its relationship with the customers. Geek Squad coverage plan started in America but expanded to the UK in business with Carphone Warehouse. Its aim was to deliver expert’s support to the mobile phone users in the United Kingdom.

At present, Geek Squad has trained nearly 15,000 mobile phone experts to respect customers’ communication needs using very simple English. Geek Squad is responsible for handling carphone warehouse mobile insurance program in the UK. It offers 24/7 independent advice and mobile phone repairs taking out £19.99 insurance policy each year. In case of mobile phone breakdown, accidental damage or loss, carphone warehouse insurance promises full coverage and it is approved by Aviva Insurance United Kingdom. But to avail this opportunity, it is necessary to be more than 16 years old and a direct customer of carphone warehouse.

Carphone Warehouse Mobile Insurance Improves Customers’ Confidence

UK’s mobile phone insurance provider improves customers’ confidence for being in the safest hands. It is very simple and easy to claim to replace your mobile phone handset or fix existing faults listed in the terms of policy. In case of any damage, company provides you with a new mobile phone handset and it requires only £19.99 each year. At the time of making a mobile phone handset deal with the leading brand provider, you have choice to opt for one-month insurance coverage. Once you are satisfied with free coverage and do not quit the option, you will be rolled on to paying contract plan. You may also cancel your mobile insurance by contacting your mobile phone supplier or giving a call to the network provider.

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Carphoen warehouse mobile insurance will cover…

  • Damage from liquids or water
  • Damage from accidents
  • Theft, stolen and damaged more than the retail value

If someone has stolen your mobile phone handset, according to the clause 2 & 3, company is liable for giving you a new mobile. If mobile handset is damaged, you will get it repaired but even if repairing does not satisfy you, you can claim to change your mobile phone handset with a new brand. But if the claiming duration is over, you will get no more benefits from carphone warehouse mobile insurance. It may seem costly to pay such a huge amount on mobile phone handset insurance but when it comes to enjoy the benefits and advantages it offers, you cannot collect at home. You can also try You can get a cheaper price if you use a e2save voucher code.

Carphone Warehouse Company runs more than 1300 mobile phone stores in ten different countries. The entire range of carphone warehouse serves customers of every age, corporate and retail tasks. It also ensures maximum customers’ satisfaction with communication. Carphone warehouse mobile insurance is a tech savvy choice. Whenever there is any problem with your mobile phone and you have bought it from carphone warehouse; don’t hesitate and go for asking for quick replacement of old gadgets or absolutely free repairing services.

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