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When talking about collaboration of teams present in different corners of the world, name of Cisco WebEx makes appearance in mind. Being the most appropriate platform for team collaboration, this is the good option for online meetings as indicated by Cisco WebEx review. WebEx offers full video conference functionality plus it has tools that help in creating profiles. Each of these features adds personal element particularly advantageous for teams. This conferencing software is compatible with majority of video, audio & multimedia files such as playback and animation functionality. Popular demonstrations are being run via this software like Microsoft Power Point. This software integrates instantly with other software applications and email programs such as IM servers, Microsoft Outlook and various applications for making it a part of daily workflow. WebEx stands out for its ability to prepare and follow up. When meetings are scheduled, software can be set for automatically recording it.  


During meeting, if participants want to talk to anyone else present at meeting, they can use private chat option. At the end of the meeting, participants get the option for uploading presented files, insert notes to be followed later and can also send invitation to others for involving them in future. One drawback as per Cisco WebEx reviews despite of all amazing features is that breakthrough rooms are missing. Thus private meetings are to be held within larger meetings and are only good for discussion among people in small number. There are some extra points for improving preparation & follow up of the meetings which cover private messaging, automatic recording plus uploading of the presented files.

webex featuresThere are many other web conferencing options this service has unique features which improve meeting experience. Virtual meeting applications need installation of Java and cookies. Mobile optimization for smartphones & tablets are there but vary with respect o their operating systems. Areas where this software works are Canada, Western Europe and United States and also offers toll free dialing and call in with its call-me add on which results in bearing extra cost. According to  Cisco WebEx review WebEx offers full 128 bit end to end SSL encryption to its web conference participants. This encryption is as per industry standard.


Help and support as per Cisco WebEx review with this program is in addition to its guidance programs, tutorials & systematic instructional-materials on the support section of the website. There is 24/7 phone support being available to participants which also includes IT support but does not cover chat option. Irrespective of the size of business, this software is suitable for all business sizes. Few features are still lacking that are found in higher ranked web conferencing services. The best part of this software is in its preparing and following up features. This feature as per Cisco WebEx review makes it particularly useful for those people who are scattered worldwide but need to work together on some project.


In short WebEx software ensures as per Cisco WebEx review

  • Secured shared work-space
  • Easier online meetings
  • Cisco security & reliability

There is an offer by the company for its customers to enjoy free trial for its premium-25 plan. Great service and discount options both make it customers first choice.

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