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Among the name of web conferencing sites, ClickMeeting has distinguishing name. As per Clickmeeting review the basic behind behind its development is to provide customers with a meeting system that is free of traditional faults. These faults create hindrance to accurate business conversations and hence are unbearable. This service provides highly customized web conferencing system that contains all those features that are necessary for creating well branded and smooth running online meetings. There are no breakthrough rooms with this software. It is thus ideal option for those businesses that require single room to held meetings. It is basically suitable for small group discussions. It has translation features that make it particularly useful for organizations having international interests.

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There are some web services that offer comparable customization features like Clickmeeting does. You can change the layout of your meeting room by changing its color, design and introduction of logo for making a meeting area that is best suited to company needs. For changing layout of meeting area, there are two options as per Clickmeeting review that customers can avail;

  • One is to select a design from pre designed meeting room payouts
  • Second option is to create own payout
  • Personally created layout can be saved to respective users` account as well

Another important thing about Clickmeeting revealed by Clickmeeting reviews is it`s tie in to the Google translate. This feature allows transcription in 52 different languages. It offers training services for users and these training videos are also available in various other languages. Meeting tools of this software are comprehensive and attractively smooth. Annotation tools can be used by participants for marking the screen or white board. This board also allows their participation in private and public chats, using webcams, leaving and returning to meeting etc. Participants can also share particular information on their desktops as well.


Some features as per Clickmeeting review are missing that if present would be best.

  • There is no way in which presenter can pass controls to other participants
  • There is no way to take screen shots with this software
  • Breakthrough rooms are not present that support larger meetings and focusing specific tasks


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VoIP system is used by Clickmeeting for transmitting audio into conferences such that users can sue microphone for connection to company and for making calls with telephone. According to Clickmeeting review maximum limit of participants with ClickMeeting is 25. In case of need for support of more participants, say upto 1,000 you can have this under their specific plan for such coverage.  In order to ensure ultimate security of data it uses data encryption technique of 256 bit AES that is beyond industry standards. Other features of high security as per ClickMeeting review include registration to an option that allows denying attendance, token meetings and password protected meetings. In case of token meetings, each invitee is assigned a onetime usable, unique code as entrance code for meeting. This code is not shareable or reusable. Pricing plan of this service is also very impressive and ensures affordable purchases.

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