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Steve Jacobs Bio
President, IDEAL Group, Inc. and,
CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.
Phone: (614) 777-0660
Fax: (614) 522-1031
TTY: (800) 750-0750
Skype: stevenijacobs

Steve Jacobs has been in the computer industry since the mid ’70s. Steve is President of IDEAL Group, Inc. and CEO of Apps4Android, Inc., one of several IDEAL Group companies. IDEAL Group is a 2002 spin-off from IDEAL at NCR Corporation where Steve served as President until his retirement at the end of 2002.

IDEAL Group and its subsidiaries are all Not Just For Profit (NJFP) corporations. NJFP is a concept that embraces an expanded set of values for defining and evaluating a company’s performance. One of IDEAL Group’s companies key values is their level of success in driving significant cost-effective benefits for customers while operating in a self-sustainable manner. IDEAL Group’s mission is “to enhance the independence, quality-of-life, quality-of-education and employability of individuals with disabilities through the development of fully-accessible, high-quality, cost-effective, products and services.”

IDEAL Group serves as the parent company to multiple information and communications technology companies including:

InftyReader Group, Inc.
Established in March, 2007, InftyReader Group offers a sophisticated optical character recognition application that is used by thousands of universities around the world to recognize, convert, and enable the editing of math documents into accessible formats in support of students with print disabilities. Converted formats include LaTeX, MathML, Human Readable TeX, and Word XML. You Tube Videos of InftyReader in Action!!

EasyCC, Inc.
Established in June, 2008, EasyCC is a telecom company that provides real-time text-streaming products, services, and infrastructures. EasyCC’s cost-effective offerings are accessible on any platform, including mobile devices. EasyCC’s infrastructure provides the ability to generate captions using advanced speech recognition technology… while enabling the correction of misinterpreted and misspelled words in real-time. EasyCC Caption Correction System Explained

Apps4Android, Inc.
Established in January, 2009, Apps4Android is the world’s largest developer of Android applications designed in support of individuals with disabilities with more than 13 million installations. Apps4android apps are being used on 4,413 different model devices made by 73 wireless device manufacturers, distributed by 544 wireless service providers in 213 countries and U.S. territories.

Contect Discovery, Inc.
Established in 2006, Context Discovery designs and develops advanced software products to assist learners and knowledge workers with instant access to crucial information. Context Discovery’s suite of products helps individuals and organizations find essential facts and identify relevant information often buried within documents. Context Discovery’s mission is simple: no matter what you are reading, they will provide you with an instant view of key content, in the context of your interests

Previous to NCR’s spin-off from AT&T, Steve served as Chairman of AT&T Bell Lab’s Project Freedom. In 1992-1993 Steve’s group pioneered the use of interactive video technology for sign-language communications over telephone lines (dual ISDNs). This technology, now in the mainstream, is referred to as Video Relay Services (VRS). More:

Appointments, Congressional Testimonies, Recognitions:

Recognized, by the White House, as a Champion of Change for leading education and employment efforts in science, technology, engineering and math for Americans with disabilities. [2012]

Federal Communications Commission’s Video Programming and Emergency Access Advisory Committee [2010-2012]

Expert Witness: House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties hearing on Achieving the Promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the Digital Age – Current Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities [2010] and

Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee [2005-2007]

Ohio Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities [2002-2005]

Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer/Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee which has since been renamed the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee [2000-2002]

Access Board’s Electronic and Information Technology Access Advisory Committee [1998-1999]

Access Board’s Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee [1997-1998]

Expert Witness: House Committee on Science Subcommittee on Technology hearing on Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities through Federal Technology Transfer [1997]


Developing Accessible, Mobile-Friendly Content for Students with Print Disabilities in Grades 4-9, with an Emphasis on Mathematics [2012]

Enhancing the Accessibility of Technology-Based Work Environments with the Support of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) [2010]

The Corporate Social Innovation Model: Enabling Positive Societal Change through the Distribution and Use of Accessible ICT Products and Services [2010]

The Global Business Benefits of Accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Design [2010]

Co-author: Department of Commerce’s STAT-USA/Internet Companion to International Business: Highlighting Accessibly-Designed Information and Communications Technology [2007]

Co-author: “Over the Horizon: Potential Impact of Emerging Trends in Information and Communication Technology on Disability Policy and Practice [2006]

Co-author: National Council on Disability report entitled, “Design for Inclusion: Creating a New Marketplace” [2004]

Author: “Design for Inclusion: Industry White Paper” [2004]

Co-author: National Task Force on Technology and Disability report entitled, “Within Our Reach” [2004]

Co-author: the U.S. Access Board’s Electronic and Information Technology Access Advisory Committee Report that was used to develop the Access Board’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards [2000]

Co-author: the Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee Final Report that was used, by the Access Board, to develop their Telecommunications Act Accessibility Guidelines [1998]

Sampling of Historical Projects:

Bush 54th Inauguration Technology Project:
Integrated technology into George W. Bush’s Inauguration Program and Guidebook. The project repurposed technology being used by the Israeli military to come up with a method that enables a person who is blind to scan 77 pages of text… with only one pass of a scanner, with 100% accuracy.

54th Program Book (See Page 32):

54th Guide Book (See Page 77)

Edgar Online: Bush Presidential Inauguration Publications Use High-Tech Code:

IDEAL at NCR and Intacta Technologies, Inc. Demonstrate New Accessibility Technology

Fifty-Fourth Ball Webcast:

Hosted fully-accessible 54th Ball Webcast:

AT&T Bell Labs Project Freedom:
From 1991-1994 Steve served as Chairman of AT&T Project Freedom. In 1993 Steve’s group pioneered the use of interactive video technology for sign-language communications over telephone lines (dual ISDNs). This technology is now referred to as Video Relay Services (VRS).

Video: First ASL Communication Over Telephones. This video also contains historical footage of Alexander Graham Bell.

Although a competitor, Sprint used Project Freedom’s Vistium Video System for their first VRS pilot test in Texas. Here is a 1995 flyer announcing the pilot test:

GA-SK Newsletter article about Sprint’s pilot test:

Photo of Reid Huntt (Chairman of the FCC at that time) and Steve Jacobs, Chairman, AT&T Project Freedom demonstrating their video system to FCC Commissioners.

Smithsonian Institution:
Designed, developed and implemented accessible prototype kiosks for the Smithsonian Institution’s American History Museum

Link to showcase:


President Clinton’s Digital Divide Tour:


Technology Demonstrations:

Vice President Gore’s Digital Talking Book:
Published a Digital Talking Book in support of a reception held at the residence of Vice President Gore.

Business Week Article:


Internet Resource Center for the 53rd Presidential Inauguration


President Clinton’s 53rd Presidential Inauguration:
Integrated technology into the 53rd Presidential Inaugural Program Book.

Inauguration Program Book:

Education and Family:

Steve is a 1973 graduate of Ohio State University. Steve and wife, Pauline, have been married for 39 years. Pauline and Steve have two daughters, Shana and Jessica, and a granddaughter Brooke… who is Steve’s boss.

Large Pointers 1.0
Over 80 additional pointers and cursors for those with visual or perceptual difficulties. Icon styles include animated, colored, large, I-beams and circles.

Installation Instructions
Download the 3.8MB self-extracting .exe file onto your hard disk by clicking the download link in the right hand menu.

Double-click on the downloaded SETUP.EXE file and follow the onscreen installation instructions.

Please note that some of the cursors featuring inverted colors may not work on some computers.

A help file is added under Start – Program Files – ACE Centre – Cursors

To use the custom pointers:
Double click on the icon labeled “Mouse” in the Windows control panel.

Click on the tab labeled “Pointers”.

To change a pointer icon, highlight it (e.g. click on “Normal Select”), then click the button labelled “Browse”. This should take you to the “Cursors” directory.

Select the mouse pointer that you want to use and click on the “OK” button.

Other downloadable cursors
There’s more large cursors available for free download at

The freely downloadable Logitech “Mouse Software for PC” also features a scheme of large pointers (see

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