E2save Mobile Scam

E2save is the largest online mobile phone retailer. It is a division of the Carphone Group, associated with Best Buy Europe Group. E2save aim at providing quality services to their customers and they are successfully achieving  their target. e2save welcome your feedback (positive or negative) so that they could provide you with improved and quality service. Since 1999, e2Save has been working hard for its today’s solid reputation and is following certain procedures and guidelines to ensure its customers’ total peace of mind.
E2save Mobile Scam – Reality behind the Screen

Most of their customers are satisfied and enjoying using their services. They have reviewed about e2save being a great deal, best tariff  deal, outstanding Service, no delivery issues, providing choice in all areas than anyone else, facing no problems with cashback, delighted with the service and so more. Many people with good experiences don’t bother with reviews.

A number of people make mobile deals through e2save and have great experience but there are also some people whose views are opposite. The customers who are not happy with e2save as they are facing certain problems with their services or they don’t get exact amount back through e2save cashback claim offers, they call it “E2save mobile scam”. E2save make more than 20,000 business deals every month and that is enough to prove their business strength. If one customer out of one thousand deals has bad experience, it is not fair to say that e2save is a scam. There could be any reason of not getting desired outcome. The main reason of their negative response is that they fail to provide timely and accurate information which is necessary for their procedures.

e2save scamCustomer Convenience

E2save care about you and are making their every effort for your satisfaction.

  • For any problem regarding your mobile service you may contact them at their customer support helpline or see their website. It is packed with useful information that may help you with your enquiry.
  • Customer service helpline is available for your convenience but make sure to tell them real issue regarding their service.
  • If you find your product faulty, they will be happy to exchange it for you with an identical product or repair it for you (make sure you comply with required terms and conditions).You can contact customer service team on 0871 522 3400 to discuss your interest.
  • If you want to change your handset, you will be provided with your choice subject to availability.

If you want your money back for your faulty product you will get your paid amount back (subject to certain exclusions). E2save respect your feelings even when you do not want to continue your dealings with e2save.

But for this, make sure to inform them within seven days of receipt of your order. e2save do not try to conceal or avoid paying your money back so it is not reasonable to give a name of scammer to e2save.You must keep their fair instructions in mind and take decision at the most appropriate time. If you do not provide them with the required info to meet your interests then you will be unable to get the refund. It is customers’ responsibility to provide complete, timely and accurate information.

It will never happen that you submit complete, timely and accurate details for cashback claim and get disappointed. Occasional issues are possible to arise with e2save cashback but they also have solutions for customers’ satisfaction. If more than 99% e2save mobile reviews favour online mobile phone deals through e2save, it would be unfair to make a noise against E2save mobile scam.

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