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evoice logoGet the Benefits of Virtual Phone System Called Evoice

The eVoice can help your business to save additional charges on international calls. You can get local and toll-free phone numbers to manage your business calls more efficiently and maintain your professional image. The evoice promo code and other services are offered to small businesses and large entrepreneurs based on the flexibility of their needs. It offers complete features of a call center, including dial-by-number directory, extensions, music for hold calls and lots of other amenities without additional charges. These services are perfect for small and medium sized businesses. Various packages are available for the customers and you can also acquire international numbers.

Available Plans at eVoice

You can start these services by signing up for a free trial. The customers can enjoy free services of six months with some basic amenities. The customers can get 1,000 total minutes of talk time or can make 60 voicemails. You may need to pay almost $12.95 per month, and different packages offer a 30-day trial. The basic plan offers a local and toll-free number, two extensions and 300 minutes on a monthly basis. The evoice promo code will help you to enjoy some discount on these services.

Another plan is available at the $19.95 per month with three extensions, 500 monthly minutes and 4.9 cents per minute on additional call charges. You can also avail a plan of $29.95 per month that includes a local and toll-free number, five extensions, and 1,000 minutes for each month, vanity number and 3.9 cents per minute charges for other calls. You can get any package by calling on 855, 866, 877 and 888. You can call on the local numbers in the United States and Canada. The evoice promo code is available to save some money on the available plans.

How eVoice Works?

evoice priceThe eVoice has customized and professional greetings recorded for the customers. The customers are directed by a recorded message to know about the required route and basic rules. You can avail a great opportunity to track all important calls and avoid unwanted calls. The eVoice provides you an easy way to connect your business to these services through evoice promo code and available plans. They use your existing business numbers and set them up with your new phone numbers. Each plan has a set of unique features for your help that are usually available with an expensive pbx system. The eVoice always maintains the professionalism of your business and you will not miss any important opportunity.

Highlighted Features

Following are some highlighted features of the amazing services of eVoice:

  • Evoice Promo Code
  • Manage your account settings through your phone or online portal
  • Call blocking, forwarding, waiting, announcing, queuing, routing, screening and transferring facilities
  • Hold music and greetings
  • Toll-free numbers and voicemail
  • Mobile apps
  • Miss call notifications
  • Text messages
  • Direct dial number
  • Conference calls
  • Business texting
  • Call recording
  • Live receptionist
  • Web and video conferencing
  • Vanity phone numbers

With the addition of each extension, you can get 100 additional minutes. The mobile app is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile phones. The 24/7 customer service based is available in California and Indiana. You can edit greetings and record calls to add a professional touch to your business. You can get this set up without paying any fee. Each plan has 40 voicemail transcriptions on a monthly basis for one extension. The voicemail-to-text transcription feature is one of the best features of eVoice. It will be beneficial to get the evoice promo code because these are for your help. These codes will help you to enjoy some discount on the available plans.

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