Graphics Equalizer

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Adjusts the Db and Frequency Level of IDEAL Conference’s® Audio Signal

For Students with Hearing Impairments

Use this hearing test to determine a student’s most effective settings for the Graphics Equalizer. Here is what the results of your hearing test (audiogram) will look like. Here’s a resource for learning how to read an audiogram. Plan for this test to take 45 minutes of a student’s time.

Note: The hearing test, above, requires that you have Java version 1.4.2_10 or higher installed on your system.  You can check your version of Java using the following utility: Javascript Version Test

See below for other hearing-related testing resources:


Other testing resources:

  • Hearing Handicap Inventory for Elderly – Screening (HHIE-S)
    Adults age 65+ years, non-institutionalized.

  • Hearing Handicap Inventory for Adults – Screening (HHIA-S)
    Adults age 18-64 years.

  • Self Assesment of Communication (SAC)
    Adults age 18+ years.

  • Significant Other Assesment of Communication (SOAC)
    Can be taken by someone who has an adult significant other with a hearing loss.


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