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hidemyphoneBy its brand name, you might have been able to guess what this app is all about. HideMyPhone is a company based in London, UK, working on a service which could help you get your security through phone number. By using their service, you will no longer need to worry about your security even if you have had your phone number saved by hundreds of people, which one of them may have a plan to misuse it.

HideMyPhone Review

In case you are planning to have a date with someone you barely know, it’s probably better for you if you give your HideMyPhone number. HideMyPhone number is essentially not your real phone number, so whenever your date plans on a crime using your phone number, you will not be engaged in trouble, even if you put your number on online social media.

More importantly, you can also use HideMyPhone service if you often make international calls. Using HideMyPhone number, your calling charge may possibly be reduced. Private numbers from HideMyPhone certainly would benefit you this way. But what if you need to have more than just one private number? Well, HideMyPhone can do it for you.

Only through one device, you can control all those numbers easily. So, you can imagine how much benefit you can get whenever you are using this service for your business connections. You can handle routine dealings with customers simply and easily. No specific limitation of how many numbers you can obtain from HideMyPhone. By getting this flexibility, you can manage to have new numbers as many as you like, alongside HideMyPhone’s free messaging service.

No need to worry about your security, for HideMyPhone gives you their protection system. Their reliable services are sometimes served free.

Getting HideMyPhone Coupon Code

HideMyPhone services would not seriously burden you. You can easily trace down how much you have to pay to make calls through their numbers to particular countries. Different countries the number you call, different rates you would likely to pay. For instance, to make calls to Indonesia, the service charge is as much as $0.18 per minute for calling and $0.077 per message for text; whilst calls to Japan cost for %0.12 per minute and $0.146 per message.

Unfortunately, there is not much coupon code available for you to claim for purchasing HideMyPhone service.

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