HighFive Coupon Code

highfiveIf you expect to have an efficient solution for your video conferencing issue, this HighFive might be a perfect choice to select from various providers in the market. With a bold statement reflecting the company’s capability in maximizing your 15 minutes during video conferencing, HighFive promises such an advanced and time-saving system. In short, they make it possible with their simple and easy controls but with quality service.

HighFive’s Upsides

HighFive enables its users to enjoy easy video-conferencing platform because they have equipped their system with both hardware and cloud software. Those two integral elements make video conferencing, wireless TV projection and remote screen sharing run smoothly comfortable to support your business and other necessities.

So, what hardware completes HighFive’s system? There are three main hardware included in the package; audio, video and screen sharing hardware. Special high-fidelity mic array is given to the audio system so that users could enjoy crystal-clear audio quality. This audio system would eliminate noise and echo while focusing on the specific talk happening through it.

Meanwhile HD video system is made possible by low-light sensor auto-adjusts exposure camera which can take 120-degree view. Can you imagine how flexible the screen will look like? Wireless control is another great feature you can take while conducting the video conference.

Yet, advanced software is also integral to support the system. The cloud-based software enables you to access their features in just one click. Everything runs so incredibly easy with HighFive. Even there is no limitation in the number of conference participants. You can enjoy unlimited meetings, hosts, video conference minutes and screen sharing. And the best of all, HighFive users can access their system through computers and mobile phones. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users are all welcome.

Can I Get HighFive Coupon Code

HighFive comes with several plans for you to flexibly select, based on your needs and budget. Those plans are Essential, which cost for $99, Standard with $149, and Professional offered in $199. Each of those plans is served with different specifications, which you can easily access through their online site. In addition, the pricing is eligible for one month and one room, which has to be paid annually.

You possibly earn some HighFive coupon code from some coupon provide online sites. Yet, it may be a bit hard to find one which offers available coupon to claim for purchasing HighFive products.

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