How Do Small Business Phone Systems Work?

Phone system provides an easy option to handle the business operations and to nurture clientele. There are different phone systems are available to install and use for small business but first, you need to analyze your business needs before purchasing any specific phone system. Multiline, PBX Basics, PBX Basics options and/or VoIP services, etc. are all the types of business phone systems.

A Multiline phone system is very simple in handling and functioning. This system allows eight to ten standalone lines, operatable by single phone. Every phone line is distinguished with different identities but generally “Line 1” or “Line 2”, etc. wordings are used for each identical extension. Such type of multiline phone systems is subject to operate manually.

phone systemWhile the PBX (private branch exchange) is the automatic system that is being used by different organizations and very popular because of its functionalities. PBX system offers extra extensions/lines with different automatic features. Basically, the basic functioning of both Multiline and PBX system is same but PBX allows an auto environment to handle calls.

But, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) revolutionized the small business phone systems because of its advanced functionality to transfer voice over the different networks. VoIP system overrides the other types of business phone systems because of its advantages such as three-way conferencing, call distribution options, video conferencing and call forwarding, etc. however, these features are just a few; VoIP options and features are still in progress.

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