How to Choose a Webinar Service

Combining a website to hold a seminar online is one of the technology breakthrough which is done to support people’s activities. This is called Webinar; the abbreviation of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. Among many choices of webinar platform, then raise a question: how to choose a webinar service?

What consideration is needed in choosing a webinar service?

Many choices of webinar services come with different features. Some of them are free, and the rest has a payment fee. The steps on how to choose a webinar service is started by knowing your urge in using this platform. Although the name is ‘seminar’, but it does not mean that it is always about a serious matter. You can have a group chat or discuss about lecture.

To begin with, identify the number of people that will join the webinar. The webinar service platform has the limitation to conduct the online seminar for some number of people. It can range from 20 to hundreds people seminar scale. Surely, it will affect whether you will you a free application of purchased one. It will be beneficial if the subscribed platform give free trial.

webinar 2

The ultimate webinar platform such as Google Hangout provides their service free. It can only handle ten people, and what kind of seminar is it if it is only for ten participants. In addition to that, the features are limited. Therefore, people can use Webinars On Air which is a wrapper for Google Hangouts. Google Hangout is free, but this platform is not. The subscription fee is various depend on how many attendees – the more you have attendees, the more you must pay.

Beside the attendees, you also need to think the number of the hosts will you have at the webinar. There are some platforms that can handle some hosts to be aired in the same time. Some other platforms only allow some hosts to speak in turn, which will give an effect in coordination and prolonged duration of webinar.

Consider the track record about the access and the clarity of streaming and audio in how to choose a webinar service is not least important. In the middle of important meeting, no one will expect a disturbance from technical issue.  The website must be convenience and time saving of content persistency. It will have an effect on the efficiently of the overall webinar session. Not every webinar platform offers flexibility for interaction between two parties; therefore, you must know which gives platform which wide range of features.

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