How to Cite Online Conference Proceedings?

The way to cite conference proceedings online is a little bit daunting tasks which require proper direction and common methods to follow and standardize it in the form of a document, an assignment or a thesis. If you are in search of the right way that let you mention the conference proceedings in a good way, then follow certain steps with quotations that look original and attractive to go through and understand what is presented in every line.

Basically, conference papers can be published in a periodical form or in a book or online and to mention the published proceedings, it is essential to use a format or a book chapter for a book which are published regularly. Use the similar format as that of a journal and for an online reference with the name of the month and the year of the conference as well.

Here are the steps to go through and follow for a right conference proceedings

  • Search for the source
  • Choose a tab to select your format, to fill out the required fields like Form a website, in a periodical way or a Non periodical way.
  • Mention the source as found in print or original in print
  • Fill the contributors with Author full name
  • Title of the conference
  • Location and the place
  • Proceedings title with advanced information
  • Information for publication
  • And the pages from starting to the last as pages are nonconsecutive

Add Annotation finally and create a citation below to form it for your business conference to run smoothly.

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