How to Install a VoIP Phone System

VoIP phone service feels and look just like old “land line” phone service. The difference is that instead of using the telephone firm wires, your calls are routed over the internet. If you have high speed online service, you can use online phone service.

Online phone service costly just a fraction of what regular phone service costs, which is why millions of persons have already made the switch. Most VoIP packages offer you with unlimited domestic and long distance calling within Canada, USA, and Puerto Rico for less than $20 a month. Some VoIP providers provide an annual prepaid than that costs approximately $199 a year, this is the amazing worth for the money. Most VoIP providers provide you of free calling specs like call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail and more. Most people who change to VoIP save an average of $500 on their phone bill.

How to install VoIP Phone System

Once you have planned on VoIP service provider, register for service on their site. In a week or so, you will get a VoIP adapter (also called as ATA) in the mail. This is the gadget that serves as the brains of your online phone system.


When your phone system adapter arrives, go after the simple instructions to link it to your internet router/model as well as to your computer and telephone. There are no instruments needed, and there is no program to install. You may require a flashlight to view all the link ports, especially if your modem and PC are placed underneath a desk.

After the cable links are made, dial the unique activation phone number that arrives with your VoIP adapter. You will need to put an activation code, which was probably given to you through email when you signed up for the service. Once this process is done, you are fully ready to.

How to Set Up Features on VoIP Phone System

VoIP typically comes with a ton of free specs that you can turn off or on as you want. The simple way to manage the way your phone job is to go to your VoIP provider’s site and logon to your ID. You will then have access to every spec accessible with your service. You can turn on caller ID, run voicemail to email feature, stop international calling, etc. You can handle every aspect of your phone service from the website when you have VoIP service. VoIP can also handle specs from your VoIP phone by following the guides that came with your VoIP adapter.

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