How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

conference callIt is such a good news to hear that iPhone users can actually conduct conference calls through their phone. And, the greatest of all, is that it does not require anything else but your iPhone and stable network connection. The tools have been all there in your iPhone, and you are going to know about it very soon.

Conference Calls, Not Video Calls

To make things clear, you are not about to conduct video conferences through your iPhone. The thing we are discussing now is the ways to hold a multiple-lined calls; which means that you are only able to hear voice out of the conference calls. But still, it is highly expected for some people who are in need of talking with several people in a forum through a phone call.

To make it possible, Apple builds up the system to enable not more than five people to involve in a conference call. And, clearly, only one of them can actually arrange the conference call by activating specific features on iPhone call system.

conference call 2Step-by-step Conference Call

The first thing you would need to do before having a conference call through your iPhone is dialing up the first person, as usual call. After you are connected to him/her, you are required to tap on the “Add Call” button on the window. This will automatically make the first person you call on hold. So, in order to have the three of you share the call, you need to tap the “Merge Calls” button.

Do not forget to check on the top of your phone’s window that the two numbers you dial are listed. To make things easier, beforehand you are suggested to save the number on your Contacts list so that you would not need to dial the numbers every time you want to call them, especially during conference calls.

You can still have more people to join the conference call, but not more than 5 people, by repeating the two previous steps. Pretty easy, right? Even you can also do private call with one of the people in the conference call, by tapping on the “i” button around the corner of the window, and select “Private” to whom you wish to have the private talk.

In the same window, you can also end the connection with one of the people in the conference call, without ending the whole connection during the conference call.

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