How To Send a Fax with RingCentral

The traditional style of transmitting faxes takes an awful lot of time. In many instances, there is every chance that the sets of documents which took so much of time to transmit have not been delivered? Isn’t it frustrating to repeat the process? But there is a sure escape from it all with RingCentral. You must only master the way how to send a fax with RingCentral because the fax system is now reinvented for the digital age. Modern technology has advanced so much and today we are in an era with internet fax technology which includes outrageous advantages.

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The disadvantages of traditional faxing

With the traditional fax machine system, it was a constant habit of filling the machine with loads of fax paper and toner all the time. It was very expensive to maintain a machine with frequent breakdowns and paper jams. Also the electricity cost and the regular maintenance and repair cost was exorbitant. When the fax machine was in operation, all the regular calls used to get blocked because of the time taken for transmitting so many important faxes.

There was no privacy even with confidential faxes as all the documents were received and sent in the open. And anybody who walks in to the office could see all the confidential documents.

ringcentral fax rateMany faxes have got lost on the way, or transmission line got cut off half way through and sometimes the faxes we received and sent were illegible and needed to request for fresh faxes. From your desk you had to move to the fax machine wherever it is, to send the message. If only you had known how to send a fax with Ring Central…

The advantages of internet faxing

If you want to know how to send a fax with RingCentral, get connected today! Internet faxing is advantageous in three ways over traditional faxing. The main one being efficiency, then cost and finally security. Digital technology is worldwide operational. Faxes are sent via your computer or faxes are sent from your email account. It is a matter of getting connected to the internet and sending documents from the airport, hotel, the office or home. Absolutely from anywhere in the world!! You are able to receive faxes through your email or through your online interface. Faxes can be sent to email addresses as well.

There is no hardware involved and no installation and maintenance required. You will never require paper and toner again. Signals will never be low or busy and you will receive all your faxes without delay. You will receive a notification by email or mobile whenever you receive and send faxes. Unbelievable advantages when you know how to send a fax with RingCentral!!

5 ways to send a fax with RingCentral

  1. Sending faxes online
  2. Sending faxes by email
  3. Sending faxes using RingCentral for Desktop
  4. Sending faxes using the RingCentral mobile app
  5. Sending faxes from Microsoft applications

How to send a fax with RingCentral

To send a fax online, enter 1 or more destination fax numbers. Then write your covering page and attach up to 20MB of attachments from your computer and send the fax fast or schedule it for a specific time and date.

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