How to Use a Pingo Access Numbers?

Pingo connects people from all over the globe through international calling card service. If you are making an international call using Pingo, you will not have to pay again and again for each international call rather you sign up once for your own Pingo online account and pay charges each month.Refer-a-Friend is an incentive for Pingo users who can enjoy FREE MINUTES joining this special bonus program. Pingo has surpassed in calling quality assurance. To make call to another continent or state has not been as simple as Pingo offers for its customers. Learn how to use a pingo access numbers and get easy access to your loved ones.

Using Pingo Access Numbers Is Really Very Easy!

  • Create your Pingo account and sign in
  • Dial toll-free or local access numbers
  • Use PINpass to get access numbers registered
  • Start talking

Very often you might think about call rates Pingo charges because call rates are affordable for everyone. You have to pay the very same call rates as you view in the list of call rates for Pingo access numbers. The most trusted iBasis network secures customers’ satisfaction whilst delivering 1.3 billion worldwide call minutes every month. Being familiar with how to use a pingo access numbersbrings convenience in the lives of those who want to be in touch with their relations.

pingo local access numbers

Pingo entertains its users with PIN-less and quick dialing, online Pingo account managementand Speed Dial faster connection. Pingo works as an app for Blackberry, Android and iPhone. Auto recharge Pingo calling card refreshes calling minutes without cutting off for insufficient funds. Reliability of call quality never comes down and we are confident for our 100% guaranteed network. Through this phone service, you can save a lotas there are not hidden taxes associated with Pingo calling cards except 98 cents/month for online account maintenance.

Stop relying on pricey calling card providers learning how to use a pingo access numbers. You can buy online Pingo calling cards using a verified PayPal account or you can make payment via credit card. Service providers refund remaining balance or FREE credit minutes to the next month. If you are going to dial a Pingo access number from your cell phone, you may have to bear roaming charges and those charges will be from mobile providers not from Pingo. You should not consider 911 as a Pingo access number as it is not. Pingo services providers promise customers’ privacy protection but they can use your provided details to make inquiries about incomplete transaction. Be confident and dial desired access number to talk to the world.

Pingo – Top Choice of Budget Conscious Individuals

The best solution for cheap international calls is Pingo. This calling service is available in roundabout 200 states. Customers can find easy access to worldwide calls via Pingo web services where high-quality calling facility awaits along with very cheap rates. Budget conscious individuals can enjoy the top pingo calling card facility to add ease to their lives. Pingo is a great addition in the sphere of international calling card services and it is reliable as well.

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