How to use RingCentral Softphone

Transforming your personal computer into a very powerful phone is a brilliant idea… Simply use the softphone in RingCentral for Desktop. It is an all inclusive desktop solution for today’s generation. Just learn how to use RingCentral Softphone!! RingCentral Softphone is included with RingCentral for Desktop which brings high quality VIP calling and turns your PC into a stylish call controller with a range of features and options.

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Included with the RingCentral for Desktop is the RingCentral softphone, which enables high-quality VoIP calling and transforms your PC or Mac into a stylish call controller with a variety of features and options. Just learn the facts and how to use a RingCentral Softphone!

Benefits of the softphone

Isn’t it amazing to hear that you can make and answer all your calls on your computer?

But it is just a matter of knowing how to use a RingCentral Softphone. The main feature being that it is a part of the desktop app, and includes no additional cost with all RingCentral Office editions.

ringcentral softphoneManaging your calls

  • Park a call at any location and retrieve it from another phone or softphone in the system.
  • Connects an ongoing call to your desk phone, mobile phone or computer.
  • The ability to transfer a call to any phone number or extension.
  • Housing conference calls up to 4 callers or split the calls at any time.
  • The HD voice ensures very high quality sounds for the calls.
  • Voice quality is absolutely rich and it is better than any conventional softphone.
  • A special feature being able to record calls with the softphone is a distinct advantage.

More special features

  • It also can record just one call or change its settings to record all your calls automatically.
  • All recorded conversations and dialogs can be downloaded, stored in the computer and thereafter can be forwarded to others for their reviews.
  • There are nuisance callers as your know. But there is a remedy in this package to ignore or block unwanted calls.
  • With a single click all call routing will be done without any combinations to remember.
  • Text-to-speech messages can be sent to all callers. Answer all calls without picking up the handset while communicating with the callers.
  • During busy moments you don’t have to bother to make calls, but personalized messages can be typed and transmitted by way of a text-to-speech method.
  • All of these options are available even when you are actively involved at a web meeting or are on a call.
  • Including group messages, you can also send and receive SMS messages from the computer.
  • You can try launching RingCentral meetings to participate in online meetings with one click and send invites through email and text messages.


When you know the real facts of the softphone and you know how to use RingCentral Softphone, you need to look at the pricing which is fully worth! There are 3 levels – standard, premium and enterprise and the per user cost depends on the number of users you have. For business establishments with 2 to 19 users the packages is very comfortable!! First learn how to use RingCentral Softphone, and then purchase one today!

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