IDEAL Conference® Features

Note: the following content is restored from the old website, which has be outdated and may be wrong. It is here for reference only.

From the concept phase, IDEAL Conference® was designed to be accessible to users with disabilities. IDEAL Conference® supports the spirit and intent of Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act as well as the American’s With Disabilities Act of 1990 and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.

Accessibility Features:

  • Document conversion utility that makes it easy for anyone to convert Word documents and PowerPoint presentations into accessible formats that can be broadcast from our system. In order to be successful doing this, the user must follow our guidelines.
    • Guidelines for Creating PowerPoint Slides Optimized for IDEAL Conference®:Guidelines for Creating a Word Document Optimized for IDEAL Conference®:
    • Compatible with inductive loop-equipped headsets for people who use hearing aids
  • Provides the ability to create accessible recordings of meetings, presentations, courses, and webinars. In order to be successful doing this, the user must follow our guidelines.
    • Guidelines for IDEAL Conference® Presenters:Guidelines for IDEAL Conference® Recorders:
    • Interoperable and compatible with Remote Conference Captioning (RCC) services.  We use Caption Colorado.  Their captioners are intimately familiar with our system.  However, you can use whatever captioning company you desire.
  • Interoperable and compatible with Video Relay Services (VRS).  We encourage our participants to use the VRS service of their choice.
  • Offers fully-synchronized web browsing in manners that enable screen reader users to access the pages.
  • Tested and compatible with popular, commercially available screen readers, screen magnifiers and speech recognition programs including:
    • JAWS by Freedom Scientific (Note: See Guidelines for Jaws users):Window-Eyes by GW Micro
    • ZoomText by Ai Squared
    • BigShot by Ai Squared
    • MAgic by Freedom Scientific
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking by NUANCE
    • And many other assistive technologies
  • All of the functions of the system are accessible through the use of keyboard shortcuts only.  No mouse is required.
  • The system can self-voice many activities going on in the system for individuals with print disabilities.  In fact, many of our screen reader user participants turn their screen reads off during our webinars and don’t miss a thing.  Here is a list of the activities that can be self-voiced in addition to being able to control the volume of the synthesized voice separately from the volume of the presenter’s voice.  All of the following are individual user, self-voicing, options:
    • Public and private text chats
    • User status (active/away)
    • Active speaker’s name
    • Names of people entering the room
    • Names of people leaving the room
  • Accessible polling system
  • Offers changeable foreground colors, background colors, point sizes and fonts in text messages
  • Has a Jaws text-messaging setting that strips out all codes from text messages if a Jaws user prefers to use Jaws to read the text chats.
  • The system has a re-programmable talk key in order not to create interoperability issues with assistive technologies.

Other Features:

  • High-quality audio and Voice over IP communications
  • Private and public text chats
  • Synchronized website showing
  • Synchronized document showing
  • Full control over participants
  • Time-stamping
  • Recording capabilities
  • Text chat logging
  • Desktop showing (not accessible to blind users)
  • White board (not accessible to blind users)
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