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Have you tried many online conferencing softwares and want to know about any of these? Here is the iLinc review that covers all important aspects of this software. This software for web conferencing is known to be a potential mix of audio & video conferencing features. It allows users to share their screens via both audio & video means without any time tag. This software can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems and hence conferencing in the bigger companies becomes easier. This service offers web meetings of different sizes. Online conference can be easily started with a person of can be hosted with upto 25 participants. For working with larger work groups, users have the option for webinar plans.

User interface used for displaying videos, viewing presentations and conducting white board sessions plus learning-modules is intuitive and well organized. iLinc review reveals that this software can be best used for educational curriculum or for delivery of training via virtually interactive classrooms. This software offers award winning online training-software for those organizations that are looking for controlling costs, reducing travelling needs and enhancing learning experience.


ilinc guiUse of iLinc as per iLinc review for meeting purposes helps attendees in staying engaged. Presentation, participation and follow-up become easier with this software.  It has time saving features that make positive impacts on everyday productivity of businesses. Attendees of iLinc are allowed to access many participation tools. They don’t need complete control over such tools. Hands can be raised by participants during meeting session. Participants can thus enjoy private chats with host. Files can be shared and screen can be annotated. If a participant wants central stage, presenter of the meeting can use features of iLinc to handover respective controls to him. When new presenter holds controlling position, profile picture of his/her will be shown in screen`s top left corner as shown by iLinc review.


There is no option for breakout rooms with this software that is particularly beneficial in case of teams working on bigger projects and requires breaking into small groups for handling specific issues. Participants of meeting at iLinc can create their unique profile with displaying their pictures, bio data & contact information that can then be viewed by the other participants. Participants and hosts thus get likely opportunities for becoming familiar with their business partners and co-workers, this fact was highly admired by iLinc review. One of the features that are badly missing are optimization via mobile devices. This is the drawback with tablets and smartphones that are now considered to be commonly important business tools.


Among many admirable features of this software as per iLinc review one is use of industry standard security protocols for ensuring safe & secure virtual meetings. iLinc offers user training plus online tech support. Instructor lead classes led by it range from the general programming instructions to precise functions and community forums that are topically organized. Web conferencing via iLinc offers in depth FAQs section. Chat and phone support covers only business hours. the web conferencing service of thos software are nicely organized and intuitive. Main hindrance to avail these services is created by no support for mobile devices.

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