Is Pingo The Cheapest International Calling Card Provider? What Is Pingo Rate?

Pingo is a leading prepaid calling service that is available through web interface. Customers can directly buy Pingo calling card for personal as well as for business use. Easy availability of this calling card at competitive rates is attracting more and more customers to have a nice international call making experience with Pingo.

Standard Pingo Calling Features Include…

  • PIN-less calling facility
  • Speed Dial
  • Auto recharge
  • International access numbers
  • The cheapest calling rates

Visiting pingo website, you can easily know about international call rates that would be like:

  • For India, Pingo users have to pay only 1.95 US cents
  • For Columbia, Pingo users have to pay only 3.75US cents
  • For Brazil, call charges are 3.5 US cents
  • For Vietnam, pay only 8 US cents

Definitely, you have found satisfactory solution for the query, “is pingo the cheapest international calling card provider? what is pingo rate?” There are many other sweetened pingo deals that encourage customers to try Pingo for the cheapest international call making activity. Interested individuals can sign up for pingo with $5 or $20.

pingo rateIf you want to enjoy the first deal, you will pay only $1 and the remaining $4 is off while for those who sing up for pingo with $20, they will pay only $6 and $14 is off. Availing any one of the best available pingo deals, Pingo consumers can enjoy more than 70% discount on international call rates.

Isn’t it pleasant to pay in cents instead of paying in dollars for international call charges? Do not forget to visit offer page with the signing up intentions and use provided coupon code to process discount options. If you do not have much information on “is pingo the cheapest international calling card provider? what is pingo rate?” you should visit Pingo website without any delay.

Here you will find everything you have in your mind. Pingo never disappoints its customers enabling them to make cheap international calls. Pingo is reliable for its call quality, the cheapest call rates and interruption free calling facility. Share your Pingo calling card experience with your friendschoosing a specific program namely Referred by Friend and enjoy FREE PREPAID minutes. At the same time your friend will also wind $10 as FREE BONUS prepaid minutes for being new Pingo customers.

No other company on the earth is offering such cheap international call rates as Pingo offers. A slight comparison between the call rates by pingo and other calling card companies will expose the reality to you. Pingo has been doing great job by reducing distances between the people who live far from their dear ones.

Now, to make an international call is not a matter of money rather it is a matter of heart. It means, whenever you wish to talk to your loved ones, Pingo is the best option. Pingo is the cheapest international calling card provider and its rates are affordable for everyone.
Take a smart step of your life and sign up for pingo to join the world that is waiting for you.

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