Jive Review

Jive Communication
is one of telephone providers in which service is based on the hosted VoIP. Since it is widely used around the world, it is important to have Jive review about its features and performances. Jive has been known for its easy service and suitable even for the small-scale business. With the comprehensive reporting tools, a helpful tutorial along with the reliable features, it is one of the best VoIP service providers among many. What other to know about Jive? Check this out!

About Jive Voice and Video

The first thing about Jive review is the phone service. It is a cloud-based phone system. It offers some features including unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, also a local as well as long-distance calling. Other than phone, Jive also gives service for video call which allows the customers to come up with video conference. This  features allow the people to have a real time communication for the effectiveness of work by reducing time and expense for discussion through important matters.

jave 2The registration process to enjoy the service of Jive Communication is satisfying since they handle it quickly and serve the customers well. First, sign up to the website and wait a moment to have an email being sent to your inbox. The email contains the paperwork, as well as the payment information, which includes a request to port over whether a new number or an existing phone number. The notice will be sent when the account is ready to use.

Avoiding the confusion in using the service, Jive offers the customers to have a setup call in the support team. It is better not to skip it, like most people already did when they are into a new application service, since it will helps a lot in using the Jive effectively. Many features related to the service is going to be explained to suit with our needs.

Jive Service Plan

Good things come with a reasonable price. Jive is not a free platform and the customers must purchase the plan in order to enjoy the service, even for the mobile app. The contract is done month-to-month. In addition to that, the price will depend on the devices included in the service where in every five users on the same plan will get a cut lower price. That is why many people give Jive reviews that it is also good for small business to suit their needs. The bigger-scale business that needs more features can purchase advance plan with more various features. However, it is needed to be kept in mind that while the mobile app is mostly free for other provider, Jive charges extra for it and the customers cannot call out on toll-free numbers.

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