Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: the following content is restored from the old website, which has be outdated and may be wrong. It is here for reference only.


Exit Alt+F4
Disable Desktop Staring Alt+D
Mute Speakers Alt+Q
Lock Talk Key Alt+L
Global Talk Key Alt+Q
Browser Address Bar Alt+A
Browser Navigation F6
User List F7
Text Chat Entry F8
Text Chat Message F9
Microphone Volume Adjust Alt+M
Speaker Volume Adjust Alt+S
Say Who is Speaker Alt+E
Send Current Page F2
Follow Me F3
Raise Speaker’s Volume Alt+ArrowUp
Lower Speaker’s Volume Alt+ArrowDown
Help F1
Start/Stop Recording Alt+R
Pause Recording Alt+P

Menu Bar Access:

File menu Alt followed by F
Actions menu Alt followed by A
View menu Alt followed by V
Options menu Alt followed by O
Recording menu Alt followed by R
Administration menu Alt followed by M
Help menu Alt followed by H

Document Center:

Select File Alt+F
Select Folder Alt+S
Upload Alt+U
Manage Documents Alt+D
Manage Archives Alt+A
Replay Archive Alt+R
Private DC Setting Alt+P
Close Alt+C
Manage Documents:
Remove Alt+R
Preview Alt+V
Load Doc Alt+L
Remote Alt+T
Load in WB Alt+W
Manage Archives:
Select Archive Alt+S
Preview Alt+V
Remove Alt+R
Load & Replay Alt+L
Replay Archive:
Open File Alt+O
Exit Alt+X

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