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lebara logoLebara is a virtual mobile network that operates in various European countries, including United Kingdom. The company has been providing its services since 2001 with cheap international calling rates. The lebara is derived from the name of its founders called Leon, Baskar, Ratheesan. The company has its strong presence in the United Kingdom, and offers lebara promo code to its customers. The company is selling top-ups through Tesco shops and there are almost 90,000 retail outlets. Lebara is an award-winning organization and its current sale is more than €615 million on an annual basis. The lebara provides free SIM to its customers.

Mobiles of Lebabra

The lebara offers excellent deals for international calls, and their UK rates are very competitive. You can swap SIMs out to enjoy calls on this cheap virtual network. The domestic calls and text services are also available. The call quality is very good because the Lebara uses Vodafone network, and its coverage in the UK is excellent. There were some topping up issues in the past, but the company has addressed these issues now. The website requires some improvements because the customers can’t find complete details. The customer service is good to solve your all problems. Its special offers include lebara promo code for the help of students.

The company offers amazing rates to foreign countries and provide excellent services with the Vodafone infrastructure. The call quality is really good and the signals are very strong. If you are in search of PAYG SIM to make international calls, then the Lebara is a perfect choice for you. The Lebara offers a better experience than Skype and enables you to save a lot of money.

lebara priceAvailable Deals

The lebara is famous for its lebara promo code and cheap call rates on international calls. They offer great deals with a bonus of £5 on the top up rate of £20. The online bonus can be £10 as well. You can also get a free credit card to get PAC code from the old network and transfer the number easily to Lebara.

The rewards, bonuses, free calls and texts are the famous offers of Lebara. You can get 100 additional minutes on a refill of £5. If you make a lot of calls on Lebara numbers, then you can increase the value of your number. The company also provides you 1000 extra voice minutes and other facilities. The each bundle offer is valid for 30 days and you can check the current status by calling at *#1345#. The lebara promo code helps you to purchase any deal. The Lebara deals are really cheaper than the other UK networks. You may get a 10MB free and 15p/M with the data deals. On every recharge, you can get free allowances to other Lebara mobiles that will help you to cut down the calling cost.

Roaming Charges

The roaming charges are slightly higher, but these are still low as compared to other networks. You can buy £30/MB data and £1/minute calls for the United States. The price of MMS picture messages is 45p in the UK. The data are cheap in the UK like first 10MB free and the 15p/M after this offer. You can use lebara promo code to make calls in the Argentina, Australia, Romania, Poland and New Zealand.

The Lebara offers cheap calls to mobile in India, such as 1p/ minute and it is 3p/minute in the China and Hong Kong. The charges for Thailand are just 6p/minute for mobile calls. In short, the Lebara offers cheap rates on its international calls, and the call quality is excellent as compared to other networks.

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