LG AN-VC300 reviews

Best LG AN-VC300 reviews

With LG AN-VC300, you can now enjoy Skype video calls and conversation in the comfort of your sofa with the LG webcam. It has been designed with LG TV in the mind.  You should first check the manual to see if the AN-VC300 camera is compatible with the TV model you own. With the high quality video with audio experience, LG webcam can fit easily at the top of the LG TV and it works in the perfect way with the new Skype application. In case you own a 2010 Netcast TV models, you need to use the AN-VC200.  The smart TV of 2011 needs the user of AN-VC200 or the AN-VC300.

Basic features of LG AN-VC300

When you read the LG AN-VC300 Reviews, you will understand the basic features of this smart TV camera. The camera supports video calling with the Skype from the LG TV!  The HD images of 1280 x720 pixel array. It has been designed to be used only with the LG TVs. The features are the CMOS active pixel digital sensor with CMOS active pixel digital sensor, a USB connection, auto focus, CQ6-1 that has been optimized for the HD messaging and for the video conference application. The camera has a low power transceiver and it is model number of AN-VC300.

How to use LG AN-VC300

People who uses the camera agree that it is a perfect match for their LG 3D TV 55LW5600. It is simple to use through by just plugging and to stay playing. The camera has the ability of zooming in or out, mute, side by side screen mode. The HD has high quality and it is crystal clear all the way up. The webcam is meant to be used with the smart LG TV only so if you are not sure if your TV is compatible, you should call the LG customer care and they will tell you.


After buying the LG AN-VC300, you only have to take it home, to hook it and to start using it through the USB connection. You can start the TVs Skype application and to login using the Skype and this is just one time event.  The TV can receive or make the video calls. The camera is easy to be hanged on the TV and it is stylish. According to the LG AN-VC300 Reviews there is a blue light that turn on to show that the camera is on. In this way, it will be easier for you to know when the camera has been put on or off.  When the user is not in front of the TV straight, you will have to swivel the entire TV.

There is no setup needed for the LG AN-VC300

After plugging the camera to TV, it gets recognized at once. The camera gives the best pictures while the microphone works the best. If you have relatives or friends who live in other places, there is no way that you cannot stay in touch. Remember to ensure that your TV is a smart TV before you can start to use the camera. You should also update the software and install the Skype before you install the camera. As from the LG AN-VC300 Reviews, when the TV is updated, you will not have to wait to start enjoying the use of your new camera.

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