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With advancements in business techniques and educational methods there arises need for services that can support long distance business and educational affairs. To meet with this need there are many online conferencing softwares that have been introduced but not all are equally efficient. This article covers LifeSize Reviews that is rapidly becoming popular software for online business meeting needs. LifeSize room can be called as the convenience added to the world of web conferencing. It is simple to set up and affordable video conferencing system that ensures HD video-resolution plus super wideband-audio. In many test drives, audio and video quality of this software was found to be outstanding. Minor issues, however hindered overall experience. 


Advantages associated with use of this software are as indicated by LifeSize Reviews;

  • Easy to use software
  • Easy setup
  • Standards based
  • Easy installation
  • Interoperable with the older systems for video conferencing
  • Visually detailed picture along with the vibrant colors

When work video conferencing is taken, what comes to mind is jerky motions, non synchronized visuals, talking heads etc. Recent testing of LifeSize by our team changed the above mentioned image of conventional web conferencing. As per LifeSize Reviews this room has impressively easy to use high definition solution which provides excellent quality of pictures at much lower cost than similar products by competitors. For ensuring high end quality it uses ITU H.264 which is a video compression standard using MPEG-4. It thus takes benefit of the high speed processors today for delivering high quality at lower rates for data transfer. This standard manages for enhancing compression and also boosts perceptual quality via sue of techniques like reducing compression artifacts, minimizing the temporal redundancies and cutting-out spatial redundancies.

lifesize conferenceSPECIFICATIONS

According to LifeSize Reviews H.264 automatically adjusts quality of pictures for matching with its available bandwidth. As per LifeSize review it provides high definition resolution at one Mbps, cable TV quality at 384-Kbps and DVD-quality at 512-Kbps. It also supports older H.263 standards and sets up conferences at locations with older systems. Majority of current systems have a display rate of 30 frames/second at the 352 by 288-pixels. The one tested by our team displays at 1280 by 720 resolutions. For this reason objects on screen appear vibrant and in full size which makes it easier to pick-up visual details.    Vivid color and higher resolution make this web conferencing system a great option to share architecture, medical and art images. Equipment bundle as per LifeSize Reviews contains

  • A super wideband conference phone
  • A camera
  • Base unit
  • Remote control

HD display is not included in the base unit. VGA inputs ensure easier connectivity with video output of PCs when presentations are given. For connecting with the other LifeSize room-setup, IP address of that unit is to be dialed from speakerphone. System can be managed via PC through web-interface by using remote or with intuitive menu. Making & receiving calls need little/no training. Setup is simple enough along with lowest configuration time of just 15 minutes. This system serves as DHCP client as revealed by LifeSize Reviews. You can also assign static IP-address. With respect to use and pricing this system is the most user accessible HD video-conferencing system around.  Super wideband-audio and video resolution makes it the foremost choice for users.

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