prepaid phone is nationally recognized as a leader in saving money for military members (to includeactive duty, retirees, national guard/reserves and family members) by providing military discounts on a variety of overpriced products and services.  Our goal has always been to save more of your hard earned money which is why we provide the following  discount services to military members. If you don’t like the MilitaryDial, Pingo is another choice. Using a Pingo coupon code, you can get the cheapest price for the international call.

Discount Long Distance – Military members the price for serving your country and defending freedom is high, fortunately your long distance bill doesn’t have to be.  We allow you to start keeping more of your military pay check every month.

Discount Printer Ink – Have you ever wondered why replacement inkjet and toner cartridge prices are so high? Here at we guarantee military members will save money with our high quality discount inkjet and printer cartridges.

free tvFree Satellite TV – How does over 256 channels including local channels for cheaper then your current cable bill sound?  Receive free installation, free satellite TV dishes and free receivers.  Stop paying cable hook-up fee’s every time you PCS.  Visit free satellite TV now!

We also have great deals on Discount Computer Systems, and fantastic shopping in our Military Shopping Mall.

There are many types of cellular phone accessories.  Many are for fun and to show your cell phone off by sprucing it up with fancy colors or faceplates but many accessories are also vital to getting the most out of your cell phone.  They would include antennas, batteries, cases, faceplates, holsters, holders, hands free kits and a few others. Antennas are used to boost the signal of your cell phone improving its performance and it’s always a good idea to carry an extra battery for you cell phone.  Here at we know your cell phone is important in your everyday living so we have assembled some of the best cell phone merchants the internet has to offer.


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