Motorola L601M reviews

Best Motorola L601M reviews

Motorola L601M is cordless phone and it is the best solution for the small office and home office use.  The features of the phone include information for the caller ID, backlit LCD display, 10 selectable ring tones, digital technology which ensures interference free calls.

Basic features of Motorola L601M

The phone comes with 2 handsets and it has a 3 line backlit display, the handset speakerphone, Caller ID and Call waiting. The phone only uses one phone jack and it has the range of up to 160 feet while inside the house and of 980 feet while outside of the house. More features are 9 speed dial memory with 30 caller ID, earpiece volume control, adjustable ringer and selectable ringtones.  The phone offers 12 hours for talk time with the 180 hours of standby. It is energy star and eco mode compliant.


The LCD display has an amber backlight to ease the reading both night and day time.  The phone displays phone book entries and caller ID entries and many more.  The phone is wi-fi friendly which means that it is not going to interfere with devices that uses wireless or home network.  The transmission over DECT offers a secure conversation and it does not lead to any interference. You should not worry when it comes to adding the handsets to your network since everything will continue to work as it is in your home.

Motorola L601M is an expendable phone

When you read the Motorola L601M Reviews, you will be happy to know that you can expand the phone up to 5 handsets. You can answer the calls with any of the handsets regardless of where you may be in your home. The extra handset uses PSTN line which means that you may add the handsets to the rooms which do not have any phone line jack. The box of Motorola L601M has a user’s guide, NiMH batteries that are rechargeable, telephone line cord, power supply, base and handsets.

When you decide to buy cordless phones, it may seem that each one of these phones have the same features but some people look for more than just basic features like the design or fancy features.  From the Motorola L601M Reviews, there are many things that people like on this phone such as phone design and extra features.  The functionality of the phone is also great and there is nothing to complain about it.  It is easy to make the calls, the quality of the voices is clear and the speakerphone does not have any problem.

What else you should know about Motorola L601M

To get more information about the phone you need to read Motorola L601M Reviews.  You should be aware that the phone does not come with the headset jack.  Even if the phone comes with only 2 handsets, new handsets may be added to it.  The speaker features of the phone are found in its handset and the only audio devices in the cradle appears to be just a beeper. The speaker will continue to work regardless of where you choose to go. You can move around your room without any problem to at least 100 feet away from the base and the speaker will not stop to work.

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