Onstream meetings reviews

onstream-logoOnstream meetings review is all about the nature, features and advantages associated with use of Onstream meeting services. It is designed specifically keeping in mind the meetings needs of the larger organizations that need flexible web-conferencing software for their client or in-house meetings. Customization tools of Onstream meetings are basic and good enough to be regarded as effective ones.

The main features according to Onstream meetings review that you experience while using Onstream meetings software include;

  • Chat & messaging
  • Content library
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Whiteboard and markup
  • User-interface branding
  • Recording, editing and archiving
  • Rights management
  • Desktop, video and applications sharing
  • Event management
  • Real time reporting


Best for large organizations

Onstream Meeting featuresAs it mainly supports meetings of larger organizations, you can add participants upto 1,000. As per Onstream meetings review this number is quite large than other video meeting softwares. Along with there is also option for additional extremely valuable capacity. In majority of cases meetings at such larger platforms are not held but this feature is beneficial for training sessions and occasional webinar. No matter how much participants would be there at meetings, this softwares allows all of them to listen clearly like raising hands or making polls. There is also option for automated follow up emails so that attendees can stay in touch. This is particularly important in case of new clients.

Intuitive interface

Using this software is not a hard task as indicated by Onstream meetings review. This goes same for those who have not yet held any online meeting. There are tools that assist in ensuring effective meetings setup which include;

  • Poll & draw tools
  • Screen & file share options
  • Meeting recording

Onstream Meeting PriceWith the menu option you can manage participants, remove or invite people from meetings, held open or private discussions and also mute attendees who are noisy. Information shared is displayed on the screen for being easily visible to all.

Audience participation

Poll questions can be held during meetings. This feature according to Onstream meetings review gets timely feedback from participants and keeps them engaged in the meeting session. You can type question to be polled on the screen along with possible choices of answering. There are two options if you want to ask the questions while you type, click conduct, otherwise click save and your question will be saved to be displayed later. Your answers will also be displayed in percentage. There is option to keep results upto you or post them publicly.

Quick files sharing & advanced tools for recording

A per Onstream meetings review you can send files to all or selected participants. File limit to be shared is upto 10 documents. This ensures timely sharing of information. After meeting being recorded you get the option to directly edit them such that only relevant part is displayed as per your priority. It includes all video and webcam feeds in recordings.


Apart from above mentioned advantages, it lacks certain features that are business and audience friendly. These include;

  • You cannot upload company logo
  • You cannot create meeting space URL
  • You cannot change colors & adjust layout of meeting space
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