Panasonic KX-PRW130W reviews

Best Panasonic KX-PRW130W reviews

Panasonic KX-PRW130W is an expandable digital cordless answering machine system that uses DECT 6.0 and the smartphone connect fuse the modern technology and design which are in the demand nowadays.  DECT 6.0 advanced technology supports smartphone and wi-fi connection.  The handset has 2.2inc backlit display and it may operate like a baby monitor.  With different function and modes of this phone, you will find out that the land lines are easier to use.

Features of Panasonic KX-PRW130W

Panasonic KX-PRW130W is a blend of technology and functions. With the cordless answering machine, your communication will be taken to a new level. Wi-Fi enabled answering system is able to boost the smartphone connection ability and it allows making and receiving the landline phone calls using your smartphone or tablet.  The advanced DECT 6.0 improves the quality of the voice and it covers a large range.


With its 2.2” display, you are able to see who is calling at a glance or if you are not near the phone, the caller will be announced through the Talking Caller ID. With a TAD functions, you will always be able to listen to your recording wherever you are.  With the smartphone connect features, you can use your smartphone and tablet to double like additional handset in the home. You are able to receive or to make the calls using the landline to your smartphone or to the tablet as far as they are both connected to the wi-fi network in your home. The maximum number of the smartphones or tablets to connect is four.

With the Panasonic KX-PRW130W, you are always in touch

There are many features of the phone that you will find out through the Panasonic KX-PRW130W Reviews.  TAD function is advanced and it helps you to stay in touch with other answering devices. Now you can easily hear the recorded message if you are on the road or at your home. When the caller sends a message, the base unit sends the message to the registered cell phones if there is none to answer to it at home. The message comes with the playback options for the message.

Extra features of Panasonic KX-PRW130W

According to the Panasonic KX-PRW130W Reviews, you can attach the key detector on the key rings or any other thing that you like to misplace and you will not lose it in the future. When you use any of the telephone handsets, you may activate the key detector that will beep faster to track down the keys that you had lost.  The key detector can find things that you have lost in 200 yards. You will be able to find what has been lost regardless if it is in the yard, the car or upstairs.

Some of the features that people like according to the Panasonic KX-PRW130W Reviews is the ability of the phone of acting like the extension of phone system and the visual voicemail feature which is the real hit for the tablet and smartphone.  In addition of connecting with Bluetooth, you can also connect using Wi-FI integration.  With the blocking ability of the phone, people do not worry anymore about being disturbed by the telemarketers since any phone number they do not like can be blocked at once.

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