Panasonic KX-TGF353N reviews

Best Panasonic KX-TGF353N reviews

Panasonic KX-TGF353N is a base unit which is easy to use and it features three one-touch dial buttons with battery backup. The user can block up at least 250 numbers by using only one touch call block on the handset or on the base unit. It is easy to hear clear calls through the use of the noisy reduction when the call is being made from places with too much noise. The user can get alerts if the baby cries since the phone comes with built-in baby monitor.  One charge can reach up to 12 hours of the talk time with the key detector compatibility.


It is easy to program Panasonic KX-TGF353N

From the Panasonic KX-TGF353N Reviews, people are happy with this phone.  It has high quality audio compared to other cordless phones.  There is a complete integration of the phone books from the cordless and corded base. When you want it, you can set a speed dial for every handset for different people, for example for all family members.

It is easy to program the phone since you only have to read instructions and following up the menus that come afterwards.  Setting the cordless menu is different with the corded base and one menu set may be easy to navigate compared to the other. You can still use your phone without having to program it and it will work without any problem. The quality of the answering machine does not cause any problem and it is clear to the listener.

Extra features of Panasonic KX-TGF353N

When you read the Panasonic KX-TGF353N Reviews or the phone manual, you will find that the phone is useful for different things that you did not expect. What you have to do is to be guided through all these features by the reviews and phone manual. The phone color breaks the monotony of black phones which are popular.   The handset is durable with a screen which can be read easily. Time and date are displayed on the phone and they are always accurate. The speaker phone option is based on duplex and it does not have any problem on how it works.  You can use belt clips if you need them since they are optional.

How handsets communicate between themselves

From the Panasonic KX-TGF353N Reviews, you will find that many people are happy with this phone. The phone is easy to use and the numbers you keep in the phone book can be grouped in four groups.  Any number you store will be synched with other handsets at once, however the speed dial does not synch within the units.  However, many people like this features since they can set each handset to have its numbers for speed dial.  If you want to use the caller ID, you should subscribe yourself for it.

The phone manual is written in clear words but you may not need to use it often.  If you want, you can get a compatible headset to use with this phone. The headset offers a clear communication and it is very convenient.  The quality of the calls does not change while using the handset while in good range of the base.  Taking into account the price of the phone, it offers everything to expect from the phone of its price range.

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